Return money after declined

Hello. On march 11, I deposit too much money to my wirex Account and it was declined. When Will I get the money back to my Bank Account? 56

As you have noticed, the forum is not monitored by Wirex employees. Contact one of the moderators in the Telegram chat.

Wirex has robbed me for 15000£ I’m going to have to take them to court only reason is cos I was 1£ over max balance

Wirex are definitely not robbers. They may be slow in response, they may have an inefficient customer support, but they are a legit company. I urge you to contact one of the moderators in the Telegram group. Your issue will be solved in the end.

Mate that money has held me back In work it’s a fucking joke there taking the piss

Hi, where can i get the customer services of Wirex to attend to my issue ? What do you mean for contact one of the moderators in the telegram chat ? Thanks

I tried to withdraw money into my account but the transaction was declined and the money was still declined from by account