🇷🇺Russian alleged possible invasion of Ukraine 🇺🇦


During these alarming times for both international diplomacy and human welfare, could somebody from Wirex or with better understanding of the situation please explain what Wirex’s contingency planning for the unfolding conflict looks like?

As I understand it there are a number of issues which could directly or indirectly affect users and investors:

  • International Sanctions - does Wirex have any Russian interests/investors which could effect its operations?
  • Ukraine based employees and contractors - where are these based and how are they being cared for and what impact will the potential conflict have on operational stability of the Wirex platform?
  • Servers and IT/Comms infrastructure based in Ukraine and neighbouring zones - is this resilient with back ups in “safe” countries/zones?
  • International licensing and operating permissions - again are these subject to any sanctions on either side of the conflict?
  • support - will this continue in its already underwhelming state following any escalation of the conflict?
  • Data protection, should the worse happen and Russia does invade and possibly occupy Ukraine, how will customer data stored within the country be protected from possible Russian access and use - does Wirex have a “burn procedure”. There is a possibility of Russia taking action against individuals considered “friendly” towards Ukraine, such as investors or customers of Ukraine owned/operated organisations - how will this be mitigated?

I look forward to prompt reponse from Wirex @Ali_Wirex and general views and opinions.

Best regards,