Save 3-4% on crypto buys all February!

Sick of paying extortionate credit and debit card fees when you buy crypto? We’ve got you covered. Whereas most companies charge 3-4%, we let you buy for free.

See for yourself.

Fee-free February runs until, you guessed it, the end of February - so start saving today!

How to buy crypto

To buy crypto, you’ll need to link a local bank card.

Do this in just a minute or two by opening your app and tapping Preferences → Linked Cards → Link New Card.

Once you’ve linked your card, you can easily buy crypto by opening the crypto account of your choice and tapping Add Funds.

Easy, right?

You can buy up to USD $5,000 in crypto per day with your local card. See more about limits here.

How to verify a linked card

In order to spend more than USD $50 a day with your local card, you’ll need to verify it in the Wirex app. To do so in-app, simply:

Tap Add Funds in a currency account of your choice

In the From Linked Card section, click on a card with the Confirmation Needed status

Enter an amount to add to your account and tap Add. Once you’ve done that, check your local bank card statement for a 4-digit code alongside the transaction.

When prompted, tap Confirm Linked Card and enter your code.

Done - you’re ready to buy even more crypto!

Head over to the Help Centre to find out more.

Ready to go crypto shopping?


Disclaimer: Based on commission fees as stated in the provider’s app and website when you top up your cryptocurrency account with a credit or debit card (as of 1 Feb 2021).
Coinbase – 3.99% *– Up to 3.99% - fee varies according to currency pairs*
*Binance – 3.5% or 10 USD*
Wirex – 0% fees subject to promotion T&Cs - valid until the 28th Feb 2021 11.59 PM GMT - please refer to the T&Cs HERE