Save 48% with your Wirex red envelope!

Lunar New Year might be less Lai Shi and more endless expenses these days, but don’t despair.

You can now pay for your insurance, rent and more with your Wirex card, thanks to our partner, CardUp.

And that’s not all - paying with CardUp allows you to save 48% on fees and earn exclusive WXT rewards. Just think of it as your Wirex red envelope.

To start, simply:

  1. Create a CardUp account

  2. Set up monthly recurring payments until the 24th of April 2021 using the promo code WIREX

  3. Sit back, relax and watch your rewards roll in!

Using your Wirex card via CardUp means you pay only 1.8% fees on the first HK$50,000 as opposed to the usual 3.5% for international cards - 48% savings (worth HK$850)!

And on top of huge savings, you can earn three types of exclusive rewards!

● 5,000 WXT for your first transaction* made through CardUp

● 5 WXT for each consecutive HKD $100 transaction using CardUp

● A special Cryptoback™ rate of 5% (paid in WXT) on eligible transactions made at e-com or POS merchants anywhere in the world.

Your WXT is yours to do whatever you like with - stack it up to unlock extra Wirex rewards or exchange and spend it!

Register with CardUp now to get started.

*Full T&Cs - HERE

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