Say cheese and earn WXT!


Get ready for a new permanent fixture in your calendar - it’s National Cheese Day! That’s right, today we’re celebrating everyone’s favourite food.

Believe it or not, our love for cheese dates back to 5,500 BC. Yes, an archaeological dig in Poland back in the ‘70s unearthed an intriguing straining tool complete with traces of dairy fat.

They certainly had the right idea. Today we grill it, melt it, deep fry it and stick it on just about everything we eat - in every corner of the globe.

To help you get your next cheese fix, we’re dishing out USD $10 or €10 worth of WXT* when you verify your account before the 11th of June. All you’ve got to do is upload your ID, say cheese and take a quick selfie - then you’re in!

Verify your account today to claim your bonus.


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