Scams and fraud

I received on my Facebook page something from Wirex Wallet. It was suspicious. I contact Wirex to ask if they sent me this or is scam. They reply immediately and told me is scam. So I am posting this to inform everyone

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I just got the same post.I 've read this topic some hours earlier.So,thank you for that.Did they told you to do something further?

They told me is a scam and they not sending stuff like this. Wirex never ask for personal information or password and they sent me link to read about scams. You can find it in the community wirexapp and you can look for beware of scammers and fake pages on facebook


I also received the same post and unfortunately I was scammed. Go to scams and frauds on the Be careful everyone due diligence is a must.

it’s quite shocking to see Facebook’s own reaction to reports of such scam pages - I had one, too, reported it, waited for several days just to hear that they are unable/unwilling to do anything about it, as it doesn’t contradict their policies. Seems like it’s thoughtless robots processing such reports/complaints, or FB just genuinely don’t give a …hit about someone scamming their users…


Bonjour j ai envoyé 10000 euros sur le compte wirex d un ami et l argent et bloquer pretexant une verification de toute sorte de choses est ce que c est normal?