Scams and fraud

I am just writing to say take what Wirex has said about scammers and I wish to report 3 attempts to scam me 2 of which I am very lucky not to have ripped off!
Today around lunch time I recieved a call with the prefix for a west African country of Gahna,I recognized the African prefix hung up blocked and erased the call however the first two that I was didgetly approached by unknown persons where exactly like the demo in Wirex anti scam piece in wirex communication platforms!
The only reason why I was able to avoid financial disaster was the fact that I was broke at the time!icon


Hi Franky :wave:

Thanks for pointing it out. You must always be careful because the scammers are numerous and imaginative!

I advise you to take a look at these two topics about scammers:

Best regards!


Thank you for warning others @6355 and I’m sorry to hear that they targeted you 3 times. There are many scammers out there, so please always be careful.

@wirexuser01 thank you for re-sharing the links!


Who are representative of investors in council?
Stupid limited forms luckily it is not a foundation.
Airdrop wxt on us omg!!!

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Thanks for sharing it for us.

Always be careful.
Have a good day sir.

True story - I was tricked to believe that I am talking to a famous twitter account , later on the person would give me his website where the only option was to deposit money, oh boy…then it all made sense that I was played. Have to double check everything nowadays, stay safe! :sun_with_face:

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I am just writing to inform you that just today I almost became another victim of fraudulent actions through both my local card and my Wirex Visa debit card to the sum of aud$1299.99
As I was emailed by PayPal to confirm the transaction! I called them back and the transaction was canceled for both cards!
My Question is, how can my Wirex card be used when it is locked along with my Wirex account? I do hope that Wirex staff members are following their own advice?
Because this is the fourth time I have been a victim of fraudulent actions! And this time around I do not have access to my own account!