Security issues

Hi there.

My security settings keep going off by itself. On the last few days I have been experiencing problems like setting pin every day and Face ID not working at all.

Is there anybody else having the same problem?

Can anyone help?

Is my account still safe or do I have to seriously worry about it?

It might be just a coincidence but since I transferred some real money on my Wirex account many problems have occurred. It all started with the X-account issues.

Looking forward to here from you soon.




Technical error maybe.

Don’t worry your account is safe.

@moderators please look this problem.

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Hi Malou,

Thanks for answering so quickly.

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@Saro073 We have forwarded this inquiry to our Support team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

Hi Maryna.

Thank you very much.


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:thinking::telescope::exploding_head::earth_africa::pray:Dear Wirex Team…
Thanks for being there…,
My contribution ‘t’ the experience of one of our customer in the Wirex is, let’s open up for the expert developer ‘t’ work with the Wirex Team… Okay…!
Or else the firm WIREX may :soon: be sounding as a premature online trading firm due ‘t’ regular bugs in our App.
With Sincere Regards.
Chris George :writing_hand:

I had a little bit of the same stuff happening nothing big, all else fine.

Hi @Dash, thank you for contacting us here. Please submit a support request with detailed explanation so that we are able to assist you further: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone

Your welcome always sir :relaxed:

Just refreah sir :slight_smile: