Sending XLM from Exodus wallet to WireX Wallet

Greetings to the reader,

It has been over a month and a half since I sent XLM from my Exodus wallet to my WireX wallet and still haven’t received them.
I found out that I didn’t actually send to my WireX wallet but to the WireX exchange. I suspect I needed to include my unique memo when I initially sent the transaction through. Being new, I wasn’t aware on how to do this properly.

Please ensure you read the print when making transfers.
If you are unable to fulfill the requirements needed to send to a wallet, STOP AND DO NOT CARRY ON.
If you want to continue with the transaction, ask for help from the developers/admin on how to do so correctly. You will save yourself stress, time and money.

Greetings to WireX,

Re my support ticket 60842

How long does it take for the finance team to process a refund request?
Is there an actual time period that a person can be expected to retreive an answer?

Giving a timeframe on how long a “process” will take would help your concerned customers. It may also give your company more of a “kick” to deliver a better customer service.
Receiving a general “scripted response” with no end in sight does not sit well, especially after a months time of waiting.

Are you able to give an idea of whats happening and what is causing the delay?


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Hello there @Sanz , I will be moving this thread into the support channel section on the forum as that way one of our support team members will be able to assist you directly. Please remember to share your support ticket numbers or send your support ticket reference number to the email

Thank you so much.

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Request ID #235632 - Hello, I have the same issue and tomorrow marks 4 weeks since i raised a support request with no action other than we will escalate to the appropriate support team to resolve. While i appreciate the updates to who my request has been assigned too this does very little to have my XLM credited to my Wirex account. We all know where the funds are and how they got there… Yes it was my mistake not added my memo but 4 weeks to move the transaction to my appropriate address is a total failure on any support teams behalf particularly when you actually know how to resolve this. Sorry for venting, as you may well understand im very frustrated.

Hi @kp007nz,

Please be advised that the relevant team is already looking into your case. We will contact you once there is an update.

Best wishes!

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Hi, Can somebody please provide me with an update? As mentioned elsewhere, this issue is over a month old and i’ve not had an update that alludes to any sort of tangible steps to resolving it. My faith and want to use Wirex is slowly diminishing. My experience has been dissapointing from a customers perspective.
Request ID #235632

Hi @kp007nz,

We completely understand how much inconvenience has been caused by this unpleasant situation.

Please rest assured that this case has been escalated to our relevant team one more time to speed up the process of resolution. As soon as we have an update from them, we will contact you without any delay.

Thank you for understanding.

Hello, I have the same problem with XLM, I have already made 2 inquiries about it, both of which have been deleted so far without an answer. my current request has ticket number 370674. I ask for a solution. regards

Hello @YSF_BLC, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

I have escalated this to our Support Team. They will update you via the ticket shortly.

Warm regards.