Sent XLM to "stellar address" and not "federation address"


So I was going to send XLM from binance to wirex. It says to use the federation address on wirex, but binance doesnt recognize it, but it does recognize the stellar address. So I sent the XLM to my stellar address, and my question is, is my funds lost? They havent showed up in my wallet yet, though it says success on binance.

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Hello @Sirrestrikk You can either create a support ticket here: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyoneOr you can login via a desktop and talk to Wirex’s support team via their Live Chat feature.

Yeah, I’ve done that now. I was told to wait. Been waiting 6 hours now.

Here is the tx id for the stellar blockchain. It says succeed, so it should come then? It’s not lost right?


Hi @Sirrestrikk! Please, contact the sending service in order to resolve this, as Wirex does not support this wallet and vice versa. Kindly check the lists of supported wallets in the following links:

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But it says that you support the stellar mainnet? You even provide the stellar address and the memo.

According to the explorer the xlm have arrived rl wirex, just not my account. Binance cant help me because the funds have arrived to you


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Hi @Sirrestrikk :wave:

Thanks for those details.

According to your TXID (see below), the transaction is correct and has been confirmed. The memo is there, yours, so apparently there is no problem. You should have your funds in your Wirex account.

Regarding the Federation address, this is by no means an obligation. In fact, it encodes everything - your Account ID, the Stellar Lumens address, the memo. This allows you to securely share your address with a third party.

Here is the JSON response (via the Wirex API) about your Federation address:*


@moderators can you check the above please?


Hello @Sirrestrikk, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed response.

Let me kindly inform you that I have forwarded this case to our relevant team for a detailed investigation. Also, I will update you via ticket 552793 shortly.

Warm regards.

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Still waiting. No reply or updates. What kind of technical issues are there? If you can’t send XLM to your account without going through days of manual technical problems you should stop the transactions of XLM. And in this volatile market this is a problem, as I was planning on turning it into fiat!

Hi @Sirrestrikk! ​Please be advised that our technical team is looking into this issue. Also, kindly note that such cases are processing manually, thus it could take some time and I kindly ask you for patience.

Kind regards!

7 days and still counting. No money, no updates.

Dear @Sirrestrikk,

I would like to point out that the relevant department had already acknowledged the case. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused! As soon as we get an update, we will get in touch with you immediately.

Thank you for your patience!

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Been two weeks now. I was told it would be solved in a couple of days since it was a manual techniqal problem. I have a hard time believing it would take 2 weeks of daily 8 hours work to solve this. What is going on?

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Dear @Sirrestrikk, Let me kindly inform you that the request is still being processed by our relevant team and I will update you shortly once it is done.

We apologize for the delayed processing of your case.

I’m sincerely sorry.