SEPA deposits straight up stolen by Wirex


I did 2 Sepa Transactions from my Paypal to my Wirex Account on the 1.4. - they never were accredited to my account.

Opened support ticket, gave all information, called Paypal which 100% confirmed that transactions were sent and Support basically told me to fuck off and that they did not find my transactions and i simply have to accept that my money is gone ?!
… WTF???

Ticket: 743866

Any happy ending to this? I can’t even get a reply to my request for closing my account

Wirex typically has problems confirming deposits that are not in your legal name / the name on your Wirex account, this would be the case with a payment from PayPal which would be in their name. Ask PayPal for the SEPA remittance number which would allow Wirex to track/find the payment.

The forum is not monitored closely by Wirex employees. Ping one of the moderators in the Telegram group.


Finally, any update to this?

I am facing the same problem.

I have the same problems. No satisfaction from Wirex help.

I just contacted their Telegram support which was most helpful, they said it is a problem with a corrupted bot and that they will fix it in 15 minutes. We’ll see …

Ok. The immediate answer was from a scammer. They expected me to send bitcoin to a “new wallet address”.


My request (865250) I have problem with SWIFT transfer to my REVOLUT bank i sended on 05.06.2019 and untill today i didnt get my money WHY THIS TAKE SO LONG?? :(((( can someone help me??

After having made a nuisance of myself with Wirex support for over ten days, they have finally stopped appeasing me and taken the situation in hand, by telling me that they need a SWIFT message (i.e. MT196 or MT999) which will contain information confirming that they have received the funds.

My bank is going to charge me for furnishing this document. I told customer support this stating that they will have to reimburse the charge, and their answer was that I must pay for the expenses myself!

Guys. I did a transaction on 27th March to Revolut account and the money never came even as of today. I have been sending emails for more than 3 months now to Wirex Support and after providing them all the information including MT numbers,every time their response is that transfer of funds is taken care by external bank and they cannot do anything. They can only inform/request the other bank. What kind of scam is this, what action can we take for our loss of money, any legal help we can use. ?


I browsed the web and I am almost in same case than you and plenty of people they robbed us .