SEPA deposits straight up stolen by Wirex



I did 2 Sepa Transactions from my Paypal to my Wirex Account on the 1.4. - they never were accredited to my account.

Opened support ticket, gave all information, called Paypal which 100% confirmed that transactions were sent and Support basically told me to fuck off and that they did not find my transactions and i simply have to accept that my money is gone ?!
… WTF???

Ticket: 743866



Any happy ending to this? I can’t even get a reply to my request for closing my account



Wirex typically has problems confirming deposits that are not in your legal name / the name on your Wirex account, this would be the case with a payment from PayPal which would be in their name. Ask PayPal for the SEPA remittance number which would allow Wirex to track/find the payment.