SEPA dissapeared .. Brexit in action?

So, just a few days after brexit, and any link to our SEPA transactions on our EUR account has disapeated from the app: not possible to send or receive SEPA transfers, not possible to get your SEPA account-number.

Are we seeing brexit in action?
As wirex is operating outside the EU, I wonder if the EU bank in LT is even allowed to share information with it.
Is the whole 'there is a technical issue, we are working on it" just a smokescreen to hide that fact that wirex did not prepare for this situation?
Are they trying to avoid that somebody makes a formal complaint at the UK bank-regulator?

Anycase I had a feeling this might have happened, so I just had a few euro on my visa card by 31/12/2020. I will empty it and cancel my account.

Lesson learned.



I have the same problem : Sepa transfer functionality is unavailable. I sent several emails to the support service and they answered that it is due to Brexit. They have not anticipated… Incomprehensible !!
And no deadline for solving this issue…
Have you received more information from Wirex ?
Kind Regards

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I have not contacted the helpdesk due to the many messages on the support forums from people who said did not not get an answer.

What is the most striking thing is that I have posted multiple messages here in this forum asking witex if they where prepared for brexit. They never formally answered. (of course not)
They did change some things, e.g. the visa card is now issued by a bank in Lithuania, but -as expected- that was not enough.
Financial servies where outside the brexit deal from day one, and also the sharing of information between EU and UK companies was very uncertain, so -as I see it- they only way wirex is able to provide financial services in the EU would be if it started a completely seperare legal entity in a EU company, including customer-support etc., which is probably something wirex cannot affort.

I noted that the N26 bank (German neobank) stopped all activities in the UK because of Brexit, so I expect the same thing to happen here and have wirex leave the EU market.

This is why I am now emptying my visa card and will end by account at wirex, so -at least- I do not have any funds that are stuck in limbo.
I would advice everybody to do the same thing.



Many thanks for your reply and your explanations.
So it seems that it will take a lot of time if Wirex needs to transfer all their services in the EU and the sepa transfer will not be restored for a long time…or Do you think it could be settled quickly in the next weeks ?
Could you recommend me a neobank like Wirex where I can obtain a credit card and make sepa transfer ?
Many thanks in advance

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I am just a customer so I have no idea when wirex will reactivate SEPA transactions.

For find another neobank. There are probably some in your country.

I have N26 as secundairy bankaccount. They operate from Germany (Berlin), but provide bankaccountrs in 25 countries, i.e. most European countries (except for the UK) and the US.
Their basic product is completely free, offer SEPA services and you get a debet mastercard. You can do 3 ATM transactions per month completely free.
I also just found out they provide international money-transfers to non-EURO accountrs at a very low cost using transerwize to bypass SWIFT costs which -I think- undoes the cost-advantage of using crypo-currencies to do international transactions.

But as said, there are probably other options out there. But I would realy stay away from banks in the UK for the time being.

I do not know about neobanks in the EU that also offere cryptocurrency transactions. If somebody else can comment on that, that would be great. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for your time and your prompt reply.
I am located in France but I read all the time bad comment on neobanks…
N26 seems good but to validate the opening of the account we need to send a transfer from another account on our behalf based in our country… And for the moment I have only Wirex account… So not possible.
I could just hope that Wirex will restore quickly sepa transfert.
Many thanks again
Have Ă  Nice day

Hum… that is strange. I do not know the procedure in France. I only needed to provide a photo of myself and of my identity card via the app.

I would not use a neobank (be it N26, wirex or whoever) as primary and only bank. That is indeed taking unnecessairy risk. Just get yourself a cheap and very basic bankaccount in your own country for your normal day-to-day payments.
Then get an addititonal bankaccount from a neobank for -say- getting money from an ATM if your travel outside the eurozone, or international money-transfer in other currencies, the kind of services where normal banks charge a lot of money.

One of the rules in life: never put all your eggs in the same basket. I think the problems with the SEPA transactions with wirex really show that.

Good luck and have enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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Thanks again for your advices. You have completely right.
Kinds regards

Hi @anon29066064 and @Jirulk_Jirulk,

We are sincerely sorry for your unpleasant experience.

Please be advised that due to Brexit the transfers in Europe are suspended for now. We are working to make it possible again and let you know once we get the result.

Please note that the email notification about this has been sent to all the customers in December 2020.

Thank you for understanding!

To blame this on Brexit is a poor excuse: Brexit has been a fact since 31st January 2020 — i.e., almost one year ago — giving everyone ample time to do necessary preparations for the change. All other EUR accounts that I have were prepared for the transition and provided me with a new IBAN valid from 1st January 2021.

How come Wirex hasn’t prepared for Brexit in time? It’s been public knowledge for almost a year that the day would arrive at the end of 2020.

It is highly unsatisfactory that SEPA transfers — in both directions — have been impossible for two weeks already, with not ETA in sight.


Dear @kas,

Kindly, be informed that we temporarily disabled this option on 31\12\2020. The relevant notification to the email was sent on 25th of Dec.

You would be able to process the transfer as soon as the IBAN back to available. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the more specific time-frame for you at the moment.


I am very well aware of that. All I’m saying is: Brexit is not something that happened overnight, the process started years ago and was ratified at the end of January 2020, almost one year ago, giving everybody ample time to prepare themselves for the break.

It is very obvious now that Wirex didn’t prepare itself and its customers for Brexit. Instead customers are left with not being able to SEPA in or out for more than two weeks now. That is deplorable and inexcusable.

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Dear Klaus,

We are sincerely sorry for your unpleasant experience. Your honest feedback helps us to improve our service and make our customer experience as flawless as possible.

We have forwarded this to our relevant team for further consideration.

Warm Regards!

As a new customer I got hit by this - no notification from wirex until I tried to actually do a transfer.

I guess I missed the notification on 25th Dec since I wasn’t a customer then.

As BTC:GBP dropped I transferred back to BTC and got out of wirex … out of pocket but I suppose it could have been worse.

The current lack of banking support has to be on main page, on the app stores and probably stop new customers joining until the issue is resolved.

Trust in wirex is now very low …

[ support ticket 86337 ]


Hello @plord12, please accept our apologies for your unpleasant experience!

Let me kindly inform you that I have updated you via the ticket. Please, check your mailbox.

Thank you in advance!

Response was -

Let me kindly inform you that Wirex card is issued with an associated bank account.

Unfortunately, at this moment, the card order has been temporarily disabled. Due to this reason, it’s not possible to open a new bank account and perform an external bank transfer.

As soon as it’s available, you will be notified via email address.

We appreciate your understanding!

I know that now … but as a new customer I wasn’t informed and my intended sell failed due to this. I was left out of pocket and couldn’t sell.

I’m surprised no compensation was offered.

I really think you should stop accepting new customers until its possible to withdraw. This weekends offer was unbelievable … you should have said instead “You can give us some money for free but we can’t return it until some undefined date in the future”.

Still very annoyed. Trust in the platform is very low now.


Hi @plord12,

I would like to say thank you for your patience and understanding that we are actually working hard to make sure you can use all our services without any hassles and issues.

Here at Wirex we value our users and would like to ensure that their experience matches our expectations.



Hi @SI_MA,

We are sincerely sorry for your unpleasant experience.

Please be advised that due to Brexit the transfers in Europe are suspended for now.

We are working to make it possible again and let you know once we get the result.

Thank you for understanding!