Sepa transfer euro unavailable


Do you know when the sepa wire in euro will be available ?? I need to make urgently a wire.
I understand that it is due to Brexit. So Wirex have not anticipated ? Incomprehensible !!!
How many time before the functionality be restored ?



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Good Morning i cannot transfer my euro wirex wallet to my bank. The bank transfer option is disabled. what is up?


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Hello, I would like to know when SEPA transfers will be back. Because they have been deactivated for a really long time, so it is not a little scary to deposit my euros in X-account without being able to transfer them to an external account. We should really speed up the restoration of service! You are losing potential customers.

Hi @vincetek, unfortunately, we are not able to provide an ETA. We are currently working on implementing a new integration that will allow sending bank transfers as soon as possible.