Several days pending transaction to external wallet

Hello Wirex team and community.

Several days ago I’ve experienced a problem:
Filled EUR account from linked card > Ok
Exchanged EUR to DAI > Ok
Tried to withdraw DAI to an external address (same that I already sucessfully withdrawed before) > Pending

So, this “pending” lasts for several days already. At first day, I wrote a ticket to support, but still no news.

Balance reduced, TX pending but wasn’t sent on blockchain (no TXID on TX screen).
Money “stuck”.

Does anybody experienced same problem? What the cause? What can I do to prevent this in future?

Upd: Wirex interface still working, allows to move money between accounts

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Hi @vvv, I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

This was forwarded to our relevant department and I have also updated you via the ticket, please take a look.

Best regards!

Hi vvv,

I’ve got the same problem, my WXT transfer from wirex to okex is in pending status since 3 days.
Has your problem been resolved ?

Hi, the problem still not resolved, at this moment tx pending more than week.

Thanks for your reply.

@Yan_Wirex : why are all these transfer in pending mode ? Did wirex lose access to its funds ?

Hi Nicolas,

Our Technical department is already looking into this issue and I can state for sure that this is not a security-related question.

Some technical glitch has occurred and that is why the transfers were not processed properly.

I have put this to the first priority and I can promise that you will be updated via the ticket as soon as possible.

Warm regards.

Hello Yan, my problem seems to be resolved - balance was restored. Still not retried to send out tokens because of huge gas prices on Ethereum network. I will inform later in this topic later about my re-send experience.

Hi @vvv, thank you for your update. I am glad to know this was sorted out.

Sure, please feel free to let us know, we’d be glad to advise further.

Best regards!

Hello everybody,

Another question arised while waiting for opportunity to send DAI with lower fees.

As said in “Wires fees” section in Help Center, when sending DAI to an external address - only blockchain fees apply.

Unfortunately, I cannot observe that this is satisfied with todays blockchaing fees on Ethereum network. With todays huge Gas price over 450 Gwei for “very fast” transaction executing, sending DAI should cost about 450 * 80000 * 470 / 1e9 ~= 17 USD for transaction. Where:

  • 450 is today’s gas price for first half of day for very fast execution (my cumulative observations of ehterscan and ethgasstation gas trackers)

  • 80000 is average gas cost for DAI transfer

  • 470 approximate ETH price

  • 1e9 is descaling faction for Gwei > ETH transformation

Wirex, howewer, asks for a fee for DAI send about 50 DAI - about 3x times more.

I can suppose that these DAI fee instantly converted to ETH to pay fee on something like Uniswap - then, gas price for both swap and send transaction can grow 3x times.

In such case, I can only propose to take ETH fee for DAI send from ETH account of user - because, exchange-before-send “just for get ETH to pay fee” is spending a lot of money for something that can be cheaper.

Maybe we should make a separate topic for this discussion.

Hello @vvv, thank you for your feedback and explicit explanations of how we can improve and make your experience smoother.

This has been forwarded to the relevant department and will be considered shortly.

Warm regards.

Hello, dear Yan Wirex! Ticket: 1610918.

I have the same problem since Friday night!
My 0.44 BTC is still pending with no TXID!!!
I am already frustrated writing emails. This is wirex’s technical glitch 100%!
As I was able yesterday to buy BTC from my linked card for 10eur amount and withdrawed it to the same external BTC wallet with as to which frozen transaction was sent to.!
I need to access my BTC immediately, because the price is dropping and has already dropped for 10% !

Please help and reply!!! My email is
I requested change from, and provided You with selfie and last transactions as well balances amounts.

Please respond to
Jaroslavs Gudkovs.

Hello Jaroslavs, I feel how unpleasant this situation is for you, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

This case has been escalated to our relevant team. They will check the details provided and contact you via the ticket as soon as possible.

Warm regards.

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Thank You, dear Kateryna!

The email hasn’t been changed yet, I already provided Yan Demakhin with requested info on Sunday. But the main problem is stuck BTC withdrawal in amount of 0.44 BTC! Will be waiting for quickest resolution!

Jaroslavs G.

Hi Jaroslavs,

I would like to assure you that the resolution of the issue with your transaction was put to the first priority and our technicians will provide a solution asap.

And of course, we will update you via the ticket right away.

Warm regards!

Thank You, Yan for quick and convenient cooperation! Will be checking inbox and my wirex account for changes and update!

Best wishes, Jaroslavs G.

Hi yan, i’m having problems with a pending issue (1623296), can you help me?

Hi Mario, I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

As I can see, our Support Team has just updated you via the ticket 1623296. Could you please check your mailbox and provide them with a response so that they could assist you further?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Kateryna, my mailbox Is empty, i’m refreshing It Every 10 minutes

Dear Mario, I am sorry to hear that.

Please, follow the steps below:

  • Check Junk/Spam folder in your mailbox, make sure your spam filters or anti-virus did not block Wirex emails.
  • Check your mailbox folders and search the mailbox for “Wirex” keyword - perhaps you have a rule or filter which moved Activation email to some other folder.
  • Separately check your Trash/Deleted Items folder.
  • Wait for 15 minutes. There might be a delay, and the message will be delivered later.
  • Please add “” and “” to your contacts list, so our emails may appear on your email faster.
  • Check with your email provider whether Wirex emails got blocked. Whitelist, or ask your email provider to whitelist domain.

Thank you in advance!

Hi guys!

I’m here with the same problem, I’ve got a 2k XLM transaction still pending since the 8th of January 2021 - that’s 17 days! I’ve made 2 tickets but I’m still waiting, I can’t seem to get more than an automated response from you. Can you please do something in my case? Do you need my contact details? Thank you!