Several days pending transaction to external wallet

I have the same problem, isent 1540 matic , and its pending for all day , suport team gave me a thicket 1946768 , but no one contact me,
Please wirex do something

Pls investigate my problem

Hello @Traderkingerz, this issue has been already forwarded to the technical team and they are working on it. Regards!

Hello @Nataliia_Kolomiiets, this case has been forwarded to our Support team. You will be contacted shortly via the email address associated with your account.


Hello , what about my problem , it was all my money, please take it under control

i sent 1540 matic , and its pending for all day , suport team gave me a thicket 1946768 , but no one contact me,
Please wirex do something

I already waited 4 days and 5th day gona start soon, why don’t you developers fix this issue permanently, and I swear this was all the money I had, I cannot even buy basic things like Food, you people don’t understand customer situation and then struck people money and then give excuses , I want to ask you , can you live for 4 days without basic food , if not , then how a person like me can , whose all money is struck in wirex and if you believe I m lying , I can send u screenshot of my bank account to prove

Hello @Nataliia_Kolomiiets, our Support agent has already contacted you on this matter, please check your mailbox.

Hello @Traderkingerz, we are truly sorry to hear about that. We’re doing our best to speed up the resolution of your case.

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Hello everyone.

They email :email: you once it’s all done. Thank you for cooperation. Godbless all.


I raised a ticket number 2005007 because the transfer of 10127.25 dogecoin to address DFPu6GdEvyeJJZfxDkkrAtqwCwGZ1BdetT through doge network is still pending since yesterday (06-06-2022) , kindly resolve it soon as possible

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@moderators once its done sir it will be reflected. and if failed it will berefunded to your balance. :heart:


They do their best to resolved this.

Thank you for the patience.

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Hello @Javi777, our Support agent has updated you recently, please check your mailbox. Regards!


Was resolved thanks


great to hear :heart:

That’s good news.

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I once again have a stuck Bitcoin transfer. This is maybe now the 15th time this has happened. As from previous times, I have waited the 24 hour period so someone now needs to cancel this transfer so I can resend!!!

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Help this issue @moderators :heart:

I have submitted support tickets but in the email confirmation it still says to contact in “webchat” which I had done previously but it doesn’t seem like that is an available option anymore.

These kinds of problems need to be fixed ASAP and not have a 72 hour or longer wait time.