Several days pending transaction to external wallet

Hello @X45FET, could you please provide the ticket number so we can assist you?

ticket 2488579

I have 11’000 BUSD pending to an external wallet for days, why do you do this?
And don’t f*cking tell me it’s because of the blockchain being busy. We can easily verify it’s not the case.
So proceed with my money now.

today and the 4th day i have withdrawn btc and i have not received anything. Is it possible that the assistance has not resolved yet? a btc withdrawal takes 5 minutes

We’re all on the same boat… transaction pending here as well.

Hi @X45FET, thank you for contacting us here. We can see that you were already updated that it is necessary to wait for a business week and then try to make this transfer. The pending transaction will be canceled soon and the amount will be returned back to your account. Thank you for your understanding. Best regards!

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Why are the funds locked for a business week? What is the reason?

@X45FET We’ve already explained this in the ticket. Please check your mailbox for it. Regards!

I didn’t see any explanation why the funds are locked for 7 days.
If you can explain it to everyone here.

And based on my profile, thanks for letting me know when I can WITHDRAW my funds, the EXACT DATE.

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hello dont know the exact eta. however it will be refunded if declined.

today and on the 6th day that I have withdrawn btc, I have lost money for this delay and assistance does not yet know when the withdrawal will be unblocked. and the first time I see such behavior. in chat they told me it will be canceled but no one knows when! ticket 2482628

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@juri_gianni We see on our side that you have already been updated via email. Please check your mailbox including the SPAM folder just in case.

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They said your case is being escalated.

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I will forward it to support team thank you for dropping you ticket number. Godbless