[SG] Large payments? No problem – pay by Wirex and save on fees with CardUp!

*Subject to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy

Settling bills is stressful enough, without the added hassle of your card not being accepted.

Luckily, our partner CardUp has just the solution. While you typically can’t use card to pay for your tax, rent, insurance or other large expenses, CardUp makes it possible.

And that’s not all – using your Wirex card via CardUp means discounted fees and generous rewards! Wirex cardholders will pay just 1.5% fees (compared to the usual 2.6%) for any recurring payments made between July 8th and December 31st, 2022. All you need is the code: WIREX15.

Don’t forget, you’ll also earn up to 8% Cryptoback™ rewards on every payment you make with your Wirex card!

Pay, earn, save, repeat

Pay, earn and save – that’s all there is to it.

Pay – let’s say your rent is $2,000 a month…
Earn – you’ll earn up to 8% Cryptoback™ rewards on every payment. That’s $160 in one month and an incredible $960 in just six months!
Save – CardUp charges a small processing fee.* The good news? Wirex cardholders get a huge discount, which means savings of over $780 in six months!

*CardUp charges a 1.5% processing fee per transaction (this rate is exclusively for Wirex cardholders).

Need a hand getting started? Check out this simple guide to using your Wirex card via CardUp.


*Read the full T&Cs here and here for the full terms on using your Wirex card for rent payments.

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