[Simple questions]


[What is] graphene blockchain?
[How it] work ?
[Who are] partecipante in this system?
[Where] I can find one of this coin?
It is more speedy up?
@wirexbot roll 8 months that wirexbot is offline you are working slowly

[When I] can found wirexbot options on preference?

How to allow new users to onboarding? @crypto3y3
The real value of speed is ignored but it is important @moderators
I ever using Wirex for speed! Invest in Speed!
You controll manually all transaction!? It is rudimental way)))
You are mapping all crypto casino?
Binary option founds?
Fx transfers?
You spying us usage of money?
Privacy on Pay WAX?
You Pay for ME you was like me.
It is very hard to make crypto payable for goods. Only if you had some tipe of business account. with checks
How you could check a blockchain transfer?
England want check on blockchain transfer?

[Closed questions]