Simplify tax calculation

A single WXT-Account for purchased wxt, wxt-cryptoback and wxt-interest is a disadvantage for the tax calculation. If you want to pay tax on interest income and sell some wxt for it, the sold are the first wxt from the account (fifo principle in germany). Now you have to pay taxes twice.
Once for the sale of the purchased wxt and once for the interest income.
That means that in the end there is nothing left. :sweat_smile:
The subject will cause headaches for the tax office and wirex customers.
A solution would be a separation into two wxt accounts.
Please think about it.
Thanks very much!
Many greetings

What actually Wirex had to ad

You pay the tax of major value if you had 100 and 31/12/2021 you had 120 ( grow in price+Interest) you pay tax on +20 x 0.04= ?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy in Germany. If you sell tokens in germany, the fifo principle applies (first in first out). You always sell the first tokens on the wallet. The increase in value must then be additionally taxed.

4% that would be nice :joy:

Consider that when you spend it can be considered negative interest so if you find good balance you don’t pay nothing

The solution would be to not get rewards and not use X-Accaunt :man_shrugging:
There is no tax on trading :thinking:
Positive forward :four_leaf_clover: