Simply the best: buy and exchange crypto at the best market rates

At Wirex, we offer the lowest fees on the market for buying and exchanging crypto: just 1% for crypto buys.

How do we know that ours are the best (and better than all the rest)? Well, let’s take a peek at our rates compared to our competitors’.

The results speak for themselves. While our competitors charge 3-4% in fees, we pride ourselves on offering just 1% for crypto buys. We’d say that’s a win, wouldn’t you?

Buy and exchange your favourite crypto, knowing that you’ve got the best deal.


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Hi. Did you recently changed the OTC fee to 2%? Is there any explanation why that happened? Thanks.

3%!!! @moderators @Draw2 @opmiami they doing what they want!!! :sob: @ChienChien_Wirex why you say 1% but it is 3%!!! Please kill me.

Looks like it depends on specific crypto, like WXT>LTC it’s almost 3,5% :man_shrugging: But basic EUR rates should be 1% as marketed right? :neutral_face:

No words to this. Now I understand why price drop down. This is sc🪂m?? @opmiami @wirexuser01