Six reasons to choose Wirex! - APAC

There are countless reasons to choose Wirex. But to start with, here are six.

1. We help you save money

Even more Cryptoback™ rewards

Our new price plans give you the chance to earn even more Cryptoback™ rewards on all of your spending. So, whether you’re picking up the weekly shop or doing a spot of online shopping, your Wirex card now pays out up to 2% in WXT (up to 4% this April*).

Free international ATM withdrawals

We don’t believe in charging you to withdraw your own money. That’s why we give you free international ATM withdrawals of up to SGD 400.00/month.

Fee-free fiat-fiat FX

Money should be borderless. And with Wirex, it is. Switch between your traditional currencies as much as you like, with no exchange fees.

Annual Savings Bonus

Our annual Savings Bonus helps you meet your goals by earning you up to 6% (12% - limited time only) on your WXT balance. Then what you do with it is up to you.

The best rates around

Wirex lets you spend your crypto in real life at live OTC rates. That’s pretty futuristic.

Earn WXT for referring friends

Telling your friends about us gets you US$10 in WXT.

2. We give you deals & discounts

The Wirex card doesn’t only shower you with WXT rewards, it treats you to some pretty exciting offers, too. Save on all your favourite brands, including Zalora and Deliveroo, simply by paying by Wirex.
Check out everything on offer now and start shopping!

3. We make crypto accessible to everyone

If you like the sound of crypto but don’t know where to start, Wirex is the one for you. We offer traditional payment solutions with a digital twist.

Easily buy and exchange currencies - traditional or digital - in-app and spend them in real life with your Wirex card.

4. We’ve got WXT

WXT is the key to saving with Wirex. Buy or exchange it in-app, or earn it every time you pay by Wirex.

Subscribe to either the Premium or Elite price plan in your X-tras account to unlock even higher WXT rewards.

5. We’re safe & secure

We keep your money as safe as can be with our state-of-the-art anti-fraud technology and sophisticated authorisation measures. So you can pay with complete peace of mind.

6. We reward you for telling your friends about us

Just in case you need any more reasons to tell your friends about us, referring them to Wirex earns you WXT.

We could go on and on… but there you have just six reasons why you should be a Wirexer! Get started today to explore all this and more.

*Available exclusively throughout April, Wirex customers in certain regions can earn up to 4% rewards back on all purchases made with their Wirex card.
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