Some banks do not allow transfers from Paypal yet

Some banks do not allow transfers from Paypal yet, it says when trying to transfer via wirex card

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I have the same problem

Does anyone know why? Is it only in certain countries in Europe or? Why advertise a service that not many people seem to have.

Can any kind soul from wirex who has insight into the company. Are the agreements and functions in place with Paypal so you should be able to make transfers between Wirex and Paypal. Are we getting this message in Sweden right now anyway? I have translated the Swedish into English

Hi there @V75kungen linking your Wirex card to your Paypal account is live/active. In regards to transfer are you saying the list above is not letting you transfer to external bank? Thank you.

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My wirex card is linked on paypal but Yes. It is not possible to transfer money to Wirex.Paypal sweden does not even allow that function. Send money to a mastercard / wirex

Paypal does not even understand what you got this from, When I talk to them. How can you go out with such information? Does it work in certain continents or in certain countries?