Some thoughts on Wirex app

First of all, I like the simplicity of the interface in Wirex app.
But I think something should be changed to make the interface more clean and less confusion:
1, Dashboard page:
a). There should be an option for users to move the yellow warning to some corner or the bottom of the page, because some users may think it annoying when they don’t feel like doing something with the warning.
b), too many “accounts” in the dashboard page which is a bit confusing.
2, Cards page:
a). all interaction related with cards should be found in the cards page, like top-up, send, exchange.
b). the amount in the card should be shown in the cards page.


Hello :hugs:

We appreciate your suggestions :blush: and thank you for your concern. :handshake::handshake:

Have a lovely day :relaxed::innocent:

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Hi @lzhi

Thank you very much for your suggestions! It’s very appreciated. The Wirex team will review it and act accordingly.

Have a nice day. :smiley:

I love the simplicity as well! I don’t even need to manage my funds because Wirex do it for me!