Source of Funds (SoF) required!

We recently updated our risk and KYC (know-your-customer) policies to help keep Wirex as safe as possible. As a result, you might be asked to provide some additional documentation on your Source of Funds (SoF). Please be aware that access to your account may be restricted while we verify these documents, but don’t worry – this is a temporary measure.

If prompted, you will need to provide appropriate SoF information. Examples include:

  • Payslips or Tax Statements dated within the last 3 months with supporting bank statement showing credits

  • Bank/ Savings Statement NOT Credit Card Statements (screenshots acceptable and must state your full name and account number)

  • Proof of Inheritance (copy of a testament or letter from executor or lawyer)

The full list of documents that constitute acceptable SoF data is available here. Please rest assured that your funds are unaffected and completely secure during this process – and that access to your account will be restored once we have verified the necessary information.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to read our Source of Funds FAQs or get in touch with the Support Team.

I am very much encouraged to close my Wirex account and my wife’s as well. :man_shrugging: :raising_hand_man:


Any news? @Yuliia_Wirex

So far, I don’t got mail from your “verification team” request further informations.

After login I still see your splash page, aka “20 minutes within 24 hours”.

Fix it now, don’t push around our support requests between subjects.

Ticket #1467843


Yesterday 20/04/22 around 16.30 Italy time, while I access the app, a questionnaire to fill out appears, asking for your annual income and the origin of the funds, as soon as it is completed it gives me access to the app but a “Verification” tab and while chatting with an agent to understand what was happening, I received an email from where I was asked for an address verification document that I immediately provided by taking pictures of my March telephone line bill 2022. Shortly after the app no ​​longer allowed me to view the balance but only the verification page appeared where it was said that it could take from 20 minutes up to 24h. To date, more than 24H have passed, no response, I have an account with 15 million WXT 80k € in X-account and 16k € in Fiat euros. I attach the screens! I state that I have been a customer since 2018 and Wirex blocked my account in September 2021 until February 2022 with € 275k asking me for any kind of documentation! I even had to consult and pay a lawyer who worked in Lithuania! At the end in mid-February 2022 I regain access and decide to continue to believe in Wirex, but after less than 2 months it is absurd that Wirex asks me for a proof of address that it already has! And above all it prevents me from logging into the account! I have an absolute urgency to regain access! I have 15MLN in WXT and if the price fluctuates I will lose a lot of money!

Ticket Number: 1460913

PS: I have already completed the SoF in February 2022 and in fact I was only asked “again the proof of the address” which, as already said, I provided immediately. But now after 2 days still nothing, and I am in contact with many people who have considerable sums like me, and the same problem!

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Hi @Vibas I’m sorry you are experiencing this delay. In regards to the images you have uploaded above, please can you remove the screenshots. This is a public forum and for your own security please do not share the amounts that you currently hold on your account. I have flagged your ticket reference number with the support team and they will get this resolved for you. Thank you.


Hi there @MaBe I have flagged your support ticket with the team. They are working on getting this resolved. There is a slight delay but rest assured this will get resolved. Thank you for your continued patience.


I have no problem keeping screenshots, I am very transparent and I want users to really see that you are doing badly and creating discomfort for users who hold large sums of money. Solve my case, don’t worry about screenshots, and I’ll confirm everything is ok! :+1:t2:


Because this is a public forum you could be targeted from scammers if they see these screenshots. You can of course share your frustrations on the issue you are experiencing and we will do everything we can to get your issue resolved. But to share account information or amounts in your account should be kept to yourself for your own security. Thank you

me and my friend as well.
This is a real unprofessional behaviour from Wirex


Hi @FCotti please send me your support ticket reference number so I can flag with the team. Thank you

Hi @Ali_Wirex ,
my reference tkt is # 1463199
Thank you

Thank you for sending this over. I am chasing now with the team.

Thanks to you for the support


Hi guys, today after 3 days I have an update on my case. I state that I have already completed the FoS verification in February 2022, and in fact I was only asked to send the proof of the address. Which I did immediately three days ago, sent a photo of the last bill of my telephone account, dating back to a month ago. Well today I get an email where I am told that the documentation is not clear. I log into the app and load three different bills, a phone bill, a satellite TV bill and an electricity bill, by clicking them from my Iphone 12 Pro with maximum resolution. Now I can see the dashboard but clearly like you I can’t move. I asked @Anastasia_Wirex in chat a little while ago if the type of documents was fine but apparently even this could not tell me: D I read in the FAQ that the electricity bill is accepted and therefore I expect full access to the my account. Furthermore, I specify that many users have written to me with the same problem and considerable sums and we are constantly in touch, confirm that everything is ok and I will confirm it here on the community and to other users who are very worried!

My ticket number: 1460913

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Hi @Ali_Wirex ,
any update for my case tkt #1463199 ?

Till now I’ve not received any private message by mail, spam folder included and all my functionality by the App are still frozen.

For the sake of completeness, I check in my records (please I kindly ask you do the same from your side) founding that already the last Sept’21 (Fri 17th) I had already provide docs and positively pass the SoF; Ref. person at that time was Edhard Ivanov from Customer Support Representative.

Finally,as a Tier#3 Investor, let me say how unpleasant is this situation; makes it look like honest people, dishonest.

Awaiting for your reply,
Thank you in advance


hi there once the team reach you out youll get an answer what to do sir.

Same thing happened to me. I submitted a very extensive SoF back in February, and now Wirex wants more. And in the mean time both the app and the web interface is blocked, saying that it “usually takes a few minutes, but can occasionally last up to 24 hours” — and it’s been 2 days now.

More and more do I regret that I ever invested in Wirex.


Hello, I’m still waiting and it’s been four days. I have created a group and we are currently about 20 people with considerable amounts, and we are all worried, but also ready if it should be necessary to proceed according to the terms of the law. Check my ticket and give it top priority! :triumph:


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I have to say i trusted Wirex a long time, i even invested in crowfunding,
I had to deal with Source of Funds at various places in the past: real banks, revolut, crypto exchanges,
my documents was fine i have nothing to hide they all accepted.

but NONE gave me this kind of uncomfort feeling that you block accessing the dashboard.

you just lost trust, and once you done with your verification we can say goodbye to each other,

and just to note i am not upset cause of your request, i am upset on how you doing it,
blocking access is unacceptalbe.


@blacika ,
fully agreed with your post and as Investor as you I’m annoyed by the behaviour not by the legit request.