Source of Funds (SoF) required!

Sincerely sorry for your situation. We know your feelings. :pensive:

I hope your cased will solve immediately.
Kind regards.

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I feel the same. I am already looking for an alternative.


@Ali_Wirex ticket number: 1482256

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Hello, even today nothing has changed and 5 days have already passed. For those who have not read the previous messages, I specify that I am a historical user of Wirex, who checked SoF in 2018 and in 2021/22, and from 20 April 2022 that Wirex asks me for a proof of address, which I immediately provided but I was refused with the reason: “The photo is not readable” The funny thing is that it was taken by an Iphone 12 Pro in full resolution, only a blind person would not see it. : D However, 2 days ago from the app I load 3 different bills all dating back less than 3 months, always taken from my iPhone and with all the requirements that Wirex requires, visible photo, no pdf, no online, paper with the four visible edges and their data in clear text, and including one of electricity but Wirex still keeps me in “Verification” and like me many others, so we decided to communicate with each other in a private group to evaluate whether to proceed with a legal action of mass, and if you also have this problem, you are transparent, and you have considerable sums, write to me in private.

Let’s get back to us, today, after 5 days I have 15 Million WXT and the price is going down and I’m losing almost 10k € !! And I can’t even exchange them for EUR, the exchange operations are all blocked! Wirex realize the damage you are creating, I do not criticize your “Verify address” request I criticize the manner and timing.

I’ll rewrite my ticket: 1460913

And I am attaching again screenshots of my WXT balance and I have no problem showing that I am calm for my safety but it is right that the reader sees that what I say is REALLY true.

@moderatori @Maryna_Wirex @Yuliia_Wirex @Alexander_Wirex @Anastasia_Wirex @ChienChien_Wirex@ Wirexapps @Palangs04 @admin

I conclude by saying that we are not and I speak in the plural because by now we have a union between us users and I am talking about those who have considerable sums in the account, and we are ready to do whatever is necessary (in terms of the law) to get what is ours.


I have flagged this again. Please know that even the slightest of glares on a photo ID will not be accepted. Make sure everything is within frame. This will get resolved. There is a delay with verifications but this will be sorted. Thank you

@Vibas where can I join your group for complaining?


Hi, @Yuliia_Wirex @Alexander_Wirex @Anastasiia_Wirex @Ali_Wirex
any news?

Ticket #1467843

It’s been Day 5 that my account is inaccessible, because of the Verification of the source of funds. No warning, no email asking for additional documents. Just suddenly, I could not login to my Wirex account as the app doesn’t let me access any other areas of the app.

In the meantime, the victims organize themselves externally.

So Wirex-staff, if you are interested in a solution, I recommend you to process the tickets as soon as possible!


Same here, waiting for 4+ days, also provided even more proofs than it was required and still nothing, card is working but can’t see balance and top up :frowning:

Just in case request id: #1487732


been a long time wirex user and investor, having various real\virtual banking account and submitted without troubles many kyc and sof requests.
the fact that wirex without any notice have blocked the access to my dashboard and to MY OWN MONEYS, and is not replying to my tickets simply has made me lose trust.
when i will recover my account first thing will be close my xaccounts and put back all my money in my ledger.
the way you are dealing with this is unacceptable!


What about if i only works in family how my wife can provide ‘payment slips’?

Anyway me and my wife decided to not use anymore WIREX, we don’t want our funds suspended for months and you ask too much sensible data.

good bye


Very worried here as I have already been involved in a crypto exchange hack in the past - where we recovered funds through legal action in the end: funds locked, source of funds info sent, proof of address (already required in the past and verified) asked again and sent, verification supposedly in progress. Ticket opened: number 1488475, please do escalate and solve it quickly.


Why are you initiating so many verification and SoF requests when it’s obvious that you cannot handle it?

The app says:

We’re verifying your information

This usually takes a few minutes, but can occasionally last up to 24 hours.

Meanwhile the app is now blocked on day 4.

Please escalate ticket #1473373!


I really don’t understand how anyone can behave like this.
As many have already written, it is not the reason that is the problem (we have nothing to hide) but it is the way in which this is done.

If you want to be sure where the funds that are deposited come from, do your research before the deposit and, if the details provided are not sufficient or are not correct, do not accept the deposit.

Allowing users to deposit but then block those funds under the pretext of providing provenance information is bordering on crime.


Dear “Wirex Agents” I’m tired of always reading the usual answers and I don’t understand what your real usefulness is.

To date, after 6 days, me and 30+ other people, who have NOTHING TO HIDE, have literally bothered to be made fun of.

I have a sizeable amount in WXT that I urgently need to convert because I keep repeating: YOU ARE MAKING ME LOSE MONEY!

You have blocked the possibility of any exchange / sending and no exchange works like this, no one! I have been your customer for many years, I have used Wirex more than any other service and you know it, but this time the disappointment is really great!

I appreciate that you undertake to monitor the accounts and to ask for documentation but I cannot tolerate, as already written by another user, the way you do it.

You have my gas / electricity bill, you just need a moment, you don’t need 6 days and you have solved the problem! We are all worried!

I’ll rewrite my ticket again: 1460913

I hope you understand that the anger, the nervousness, and that you are really working to fix the problem.

I don’t want to text you every 5 minutes and I don’t want to sound like a whiny kid, I’m just exhausted from your way of working.

@admins @moderators @Alexander_Wirex @Yuliia_Wirex @Anastasiia_Wirex @ChienChien_Wirex @Ali_Wirex


I’m really sorry. Please help his situation @moderators. Thank you.

Problem solved! Wirex has had some technical slowdowns, and I hope you will fix it quickly at all! Guys I hope you are calmer!


Glad for you, but if where you i would move my money elsewhere now that you can.


Yes, all ok.


You’re right

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I support you in these…:+1:

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