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Got some sizeable bills to settle? Perhaps it’s finally time for that long-awaited family holiday?

Whatever big expenses come your way, paying for them with your Wirex card means you’ll automatically get up to 8% Cryptoback™ rewards in return.

That’s too good to miss, don’t you think?

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Impossible to spend big or not big because as long as you block the account to supposedly verify our address, our funds remain inaccessible and you deprive us of a means of payment. During this time your support remains silent to make this scam possible.
tickets #1842385 #1832751 #1832725


hi youll get an update sir once the team is look into you :heart:

What is the threshold for 8%. Is it fixed on a certain monetary value?

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you need to upgrade your teir sir/mam and boost it

That makes no sense.