Sport fans, ads and crypto

Hello Wirexers! :sun_with_face:

Have you noticed crypto world coming to mainstream media? Have you seen more ads flashing around with the names of your favourite coins and tokens? For the HODLers it must be an exciting time. Maybe you heard all of a sudden Bitcoin being mentioned on TV shows or movies? In London, the ads been even reported in buses and stations. Unfortunately, not every attempt is successful, as they got banned. Full article here : Ban ads for cryptocurrencies at stations and on buses, TfL urged | Cryptocurrencies | The Guardian

Are you into sports and cryptos, well good for you :slight_smile: to be fair I am not that much…but something interesting still got my attention!

Well, you could say that’s old news, not for me though. One of my good friends loves watching UFC - it’s a Mixed Martial Arts competition that a lot of you are probably familiar with. I am new to this, but I watched it a little bit this past week and I couldn’t help, but to notice fighters wearing crypto exchange ad t-shirts. It sort of blew me away. I did some research and it turns out sports and crypto world are well connected and work together flawlessly. Well, it makes sense - there’s been reports and studies that sport fans and bettors are most likely into cryptocurrencies. Even this year cryptocurrency fans have extra reason to tune into this year’s Super Bowl, because of crypto exchange FTX buying Super Bowl Ad.

Whats your cypto-sports moment…if you will…please share your opinions :sunny: