Spread the Wirex love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here! What better time to share the Wirex love?

Refer-a-Friend just got even easier. For a limited time only, refer two of your nearest and dearest to Wirex and we’ll give you 1,000 WXT.

You can put that towards some Valentine’s chocolates - even if they’re for yourself.

Get involved in just three simple steps:

1. Share your unique referral link

2. Make sure two of your friends sign up to Wirex and verify their accounts

3. Nice one! You’ve earned yourself 1,000 WXT

Valentines’ Day Refer a Friend Promotion
1. The title of the promotion is Valentines’ Day Refer a Friend (the “Promotion”).
2. The Promotion is promoted and administered by the Wirex Group, please verify which Wirex entity is applicable to you based on your country of residence as set out in the General Terms and Conditions (“Wirex”, “we”, “us”)
3. The Promotion is distinct and offers distinct rewards to those offered under the Wirex Refer a Friend Programme
4. The Promotion starts on 4 February 2021 at 10:00AM GMT and closes on 14 February 2021 at 10:00AM GMT (the “Promotion Duration”)
5. This Promotion is launched by Wirex independently. There are no partnerships between Wirex and any merchant.
6. The Promotion is open to verified Wirex account holders worldwide.
7. By creating an account with Wirex, you and any referred user (the “Referred User”) accept these Terms, along with our General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (the “Terms”). The applicable Terms may vary depending on your country of residence. Do not participate in this Promotion if you do not wish to be bound by these Terms.
8. Under this Promotion the Wirex account holder (“you” or the “Referrer”) is eligible to receive the promotion reward (the “Promotion Reward”)
9. The Referred User must not already be a Wirex account holder or otherwise be registered with Wirex in any way.
10. A Referred User qualifies as such only when they have registered and verified their Wirex account.
The Promotion Reward:
11. To be entitled to receive the Promotion Reward, the Referrer must successfully refer (the “Successful Referral”) two or more friends using a Referral Link within the Promotion Duration.
12. We will reward the top Referrers (the ”Top Referrers”) with a Promotion Reward of 1,000 WXT for every two Referred Users.
13. Only the Top Referrers will be awarded the Promotion Reward.
14. Top Referrers will be selected at Wirex’s discretion.
15. Once the Promotion Period has ended, Top Referrers will be selected based on the number of Successful Referrals carried out during the Promotion Period.
16. The Promotion Reward awarded to the Top Referrers will be calculated according to the following formula: (1,000WXT x (Referred Users/2)), subject to the limitations on Promotion Reward distribution set out in these Terms.
17. The Promotion Reward will only be awarded in WXT.
18. A Successful Referral means you must share your Referral Link to invite friends, colleagues, family or anyone you know to use your Referral Link, register and verify for a Wirex account within the Promotion Duration.
19. The Promotion Reward will be credited to your WXT account with Wirex within 28 working days after the Promotion Duration.
20. Once you receive the Promotion Reward, this can be converted to traditional currency through the Wirex app at any point in time at your discretion.
21. Any referral made before or after the Promotion Duration will not make you eligible for the Promotion Reward.
22. You will receive an email from us once we have credited the Promotion Reward to your account.
23. This promotion is limited to a total of 7,500 USD worth of WXT (“Total Amount”) rewarded under this Promotion and during the Promotion Duration. Wirex reserves the right to distribute the Reward only until the Total Amount is reached. Once Wirex has distributed the Total Amount of WXT, further referrals will not be rewarded.
Referral Link:
24. The Referral Link is unique to each Wirex account holder. It is, and for the purposes of this Promotion, must be generated through your Wirex account and used by the Referred User to create a Wirex account in order to qualify as a Successful Referral.
25. To generate a Referral Link via the Wirex app:
1. On the Dashboard, tap Rewards.
  1. On the Rewards screen, tap the Invite friends
3. On the Refer-a-Friend screen, tap Share Referral Link.
4. Paste the link to any kind of a messenger or a social sharing platform. You will be notified if your friend uses this link to register with Wirex.
26. Wirex has the sole discretion to modify or terminate this promotion at any time without notice.
27. We reserve the right not to pay out any Promotion Rewards in the following, but not limited to, circumstances below:
1. We are prohibited by the applicable law;
2. We are unable to verify your, or the Referred User’s, identity in accordance with our Terms;
3. We reach the Total Amount distributed under the Promotion;
4. We reasonably suspect that the Wirex account has been created by the Referred User fraudulently or the Referred User’s Wirex account is otherwise in breach of our General Terms of Service;
5. You have breached any provision in these Programme Terms or our General Terms of Service;
6. You, or the Referred User, have multiple Wirex Profiles.
28. The decision in all matters relating to the Promotion is final and binding, and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into.
29. Wirex reserves the right to recover any payments made to You and / or the Referred User.
30. The Promotion will be governed by English law. The English courts will have non-exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from or related to the Promotion. This does not affect any rights you or the Referred User may have under the law of the country in which you are resident.

where is my reward of 1000+ referrals… 30 days are passed and i get nothing…

Another day passed and still nothing @Ali_Wirex

Please send me a private message, Thank you

Please know @Francesco_FRA if you are eligible for the rewards it will be given out in 28 working days. Currently it’s been 23 working days from the closing of the promotion.

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@Ali_Wirex yes but i can know why since yesterday my account as been blocked without any reason? i start worry alot

Oh right, thank you for explaining that. I wasn’t aware. Please send me a private message so I can assist you further.

Thank you

@Ali_Wirex done sended you private message

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Checking right now. Thank you

Sir is morethan 28days the promotion of valintine is to much delay

Sir the promotion of valintine said 28days after working days now is morethan 30days no receive

Me to now is morethan 30days until now recive said 28days duration til.now nothing

thieves … You take bread from the mouths of poor children … You took my salary on March 18 … I couldn’t go to work because I didn’t have money for transportation to work and food … I don’t care about Contis or anything else !!! My account is wirex and I don’t care who you had and terminated and signed a new contract with … We don’t care !!! Make fools of us for five weeks !!! Because you stole my honestly earned salary, I didn’t have alimony and my ex-wife reported me to court and socially … I lost everything because of you,thief !!!

Hi @Gogi82 :wave:

I’m sincerely sorry that you are having this issue and understand your frustration.

Wirex has repeatedly sent emails regarding the changes with Contis. Here is one of the mails titled '“Important information about your current Wirex Visa card”:

Mail message - Click to view

We’ve already been in touch several times, but just to remind you:

You will no longer be able to use your old Wirex Visa card for transactions after 6:00am on 16th March 2021.

You can ensure any funds on your card account are automatically transferred into your Wirex account on the 15th March by clicking here:


We recommend you do this. Any remaining money on your card account after 6 am on 16th March 2021 will be frozen and safeguarded by Contis.

To acquire your funds after this date, you will need to contact the Contis Redemptions team (redemptions@contis.com), formally request the return of your funds and pass the necessary security checks.

You may continue to use your Visa card as normal until the 16th.

Thanks for your patience.

Wirex will not be able to do anything on its side now. As you will see, you must contact the Constis Redemptions team. Their email is: redemptions@contis.com
You can find the email template below to make this request: https://files.wirexapp.com/Contis-Redemption-email-template.docx

I hope I’ve helped you. Please feel free to come back here if you need further assistance.

Best regards!

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I have contacted them countless times, always the same "send us your details and the account to which we will transfer the money. Please be patient 7-10 working days ... They did it to me four times but there is no money ... You are ashamed , not contisa but YOU let it be a shame ... I opened an account with you and ordered a card, at the company where I got a job I gave a wirex account to have my salary paid ... They paid me the first month and wirex stole it !!! had to switch to revolut, there are no problems with revolut ... I will speak and write publicly about wirex in an ugly way wherever I go until I die

pon, 26. tra 2021. 00:49 ₿:rocket::point_right::last_quarter_moon_with_face::eyes::tada::grin: via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <wirexapp@discoursemail.com> je napisao:

@Gogi82 Please follow this so that Contis can process your request:

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