Statement not showing four digit code

I have a Revolut card that I have linked to my Wirex account. I have paid £7.75 from the Revlout Visa card and have received a statement on Revlout but there is no four digit code on it so I am unable to confirm the card via Wirex

The status on Revolut says pending: will be reverted if unclaimed by merchant within 7 days.

Is this common? Any help would be appreciated

Hi @Rage, I am sorry for the delayed reply.

I have already contacted you via the support ticket and have also provided you with more details, please take a look.

Best regards!

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Hello, the same issue happened to me when I tried to link my Revolut account. Maybe it is a general issue and it would be a good idea to post a post about the fix. Mine is still not working, can you please share the steps to solve this issue. Thank you

Hi Ioana, I am sorry to hear about this.

Indeed, some banks are not displaying the transaction description in bank statements.

In this case, please contact your bank directly and ask them to provide you with a full description of the transaction to Wirex. I have also updated you via the support ticket.

Warm regards.