Stellar Lumens "Copy Address" button is misleading on mobile (iOS)

When looking at Stellar Lumens account, there are 2 buttons: “QR Code” and “Copy Address”. I have 2 wallets on my iPhone (Wirex and LOBSTR). I want to send money from LOBSTR to Wirex. I will NOT choose “QR Code” because I can’t scan a code inside the same device. I will choose “Copy Address” because I can paste that inside LOBSTR. BUT “Copy Address” literally only copies the address but not the memo. What is the point of this – why would anyone want this? The actual details are fully shown ONLY when clicking on “QR Code”.

Leave only a single button that always opens the full details.

And refund the money I accidentally sent… :smile:

Nevermind. The “Copy Address” copies Stellar network’s federation address (e.g. kaskal*wirex .me). With this address, I believe you don’t have to specify a memo.


Using LOBSTR, when I try to send and paste it inside “Enter contact, Stellar or federation address” ja I get a message “Unable to resolve address kaskal*wirex .me”. Sure, this can be an issue with LOBSTR… but it’s worth checking out on Wirex’s end.

Anyways, the original idea for this thread is invalid but there might still be an issue with “Copy Address”.