Story Corner - From Down Under to the ‘Little Red Dot’ – acclimatising with Wirex!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like living and travelling in Singapore as an Australian, and how difficult it can be to use a bank card abroad? A Wirex user discusses why she is using her Wirex card to make it easy and cheap to manage her funds whilst living abroad.

Why did I move to Singapore from Australia?
A couple of months after I graduated from the University of Queensland, I embarked on a brand-new journey in a foreign country affectionately known as ‘the little red dot’ (otherwise known as Singapore) with my partner. My experience thus far has been “okay lah”. For my Aussie mates, “lah” is a Singlish colloquial. It took me awhile but now I reckon that I’m a pro! Luckily for me, my partner has relatives in Singapore who are friendly which makes relocating to Singapore a tad easier…

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