Support for hacked account

Hello Robin, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed response.

I have just updated you via the ticket, please check your mailbox.

Thank you in advanced!

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When can i use my account again?

Greetz Robin

Dear Robin, I can completely understand how unhappy you are because of this situation and I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Please note that unfortunately, we cannot unblock your account right away as our relevant department needs some time to investigate your case. As soon as there is any news on this - you will be updated immediately.

Best regards!

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My goodness… you’re still here!?
When are you going to acknowledge and accept your mistake, and stop coming up with another reason to slag off Wirex for something that happened to you that was out of their control?
Like seriously!!!

Here’s a scenario:
I make of fake “Booheke” profile online called "ThaRealBooHeke"and I go around advertising that I’m going to mow everybody’s lawns for free…and all they have to do to claim the said free mowed lawn is give me access to their bank account so that I know they are real people.
What do you know…I start taking everybody’s money who confirmed they wanted their lawn mowed.

Now tell me… Using your logic… Who is at fault?


Or me…“ThaRealBooHeke”?


Stop now Please! This is not the place for this.

Grt robin


Dear Mariana,

Please rest assured that our relevant department has already reported this and took further actions. Note: this is our official Facebook page If you have received any messages from a different Facebook account or notice suspicious behaviour, please report on it immediately.

Also, be advised that the relevant department is still processing your case and I can see that there are no updates at this moment.

I would like to ask you to avoid flooding with messages or using any kind of offensive language as this is a violation of the Community Forum rules.

Best regards!


Hi Anastasiia

I am so sorry for my inappropriate responses, this is a very uncomfortable and frustrating situation for myself as I feel that I have been robbed, and to hear people’s response, infuriates me, BUT I will stop it now and wait for the appropriate Supports response :pray::pray:

Could I please ask you to please delete all of my posts, as I tried but am unsure how to do that.

Sorry again and it would be much appreciated if could please delete the posts :pray::blush::blush:

Just frustrating.

You have a great day.

Kind Regards

Mariana Heke

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Dear @Booheke, I am sincerely sorry for this delay.

I’ve deleted your posts from this topic. In regards to the resolution of your case - please note that you will be updated immediately once the relevant team investigates your situation.

Best Regards!

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My account hacked and blocked more than a month.

Any update of the ticket number: 1695731 please?

You block my email and you didn’t reply my email.

My account hacked and block more than 1 month.

When can I get back the money?

When can I use the account again?

Now, I send email to support team of any update, Wirex rejected And blocked my email. So crazy.

Where is my money now?

Why no one follow up?

Hi @accchow,

Please be advised that the relevant team is looking at your case. We will update you via the ticket once there is a response. Best!

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More than a month, please please please follow up.


I have sent a follow up to the relevant team. We will let you know once there is an update. Thank you for understanding.

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Hi anyone

Just wondering if there is any update or just anything as to what is going on with my case, as it has been a couple weeks since I last heard from any Wirex support please.

Or should I go back to the community forum, and enquire as I usually get an answer from someone from support asap, but with private emails, it seems to take a lot longer to get any kind of response?



Mariana Heke

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Ciao mi hanno violato il mio account. hanno sicuramente rubato il saldo del mio wallet e richiesto una wirex card in valuta USD. Hanno cambiato il mio numero di telefono, infatti non posso più ricevere messaggi via token. Sono disperato, mi hanno rubato tutti i dati. Mi aiutate presto per favore. Grazie mille un saluto. Pasquale

Hello Pasquale, we are sorry this unpleasant situation occurred.

I have just sent you an update via the support ticket. Could you please check and provide us with a response?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Mariana,

Please be advised that the relevant team is looking into your case. We will let you know once receive an update from them. Thank you for understanding!

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Good evening Anastasiia

I send you The information request.
I wait your update.
Thank you For all

Hello Pasquale, thank you for the information provided.

The details have been forwarded to our relevant department.
We will keep you updated via the ticket.

Best Regards!


Thanks For all.
I hope to receive your information very soon.
I don’t undestand why i receive always on my iPhone a messanger like This one on attached in this messagge. Thk For your information.

How many days you need to restart my account in wirex?
Thank so much