Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 1)

No update about our funds. We are frustrated and very angry

Just because this is not a joke. Paid with credit card and then go pending: 3,014 litecoin . 3 days! 3 days without any solution!

Do you already have the new mastercard? @Pjf

The only thing what I just did today with the last money I had on Wirex. Took Ik from the ATM. Now I’m also wanna now where my 3.38 litecoin are, somewhere pending in a server I think :thinking:

Same answer again, waiting waiting waiting… :face_with_monocle: :rage:
you tell you this is resolved on Twitter …

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Stop asking stupid questions.

Guys, It is possible Wirex suffered a DNS attack.

Look for my post, “Letter to all Wirex users / Security Maintenance Issue”

I wrote about it making reference to the news article that talks about it.

Still waiting. But I think wirex scammed me. Now is clear.

Wirex certainly have not scammed me, nor tens of thousands of users! There must be issues at Your end!
Follow the correct procedure; log-in, open a support ticket, report Your issues & wait!

What’s about my Request 1762346???

Still have to move my fucking funds!!!

1759468 - still pending and still no response. Not happy at all

Stop trolling us please. Here a lot of clients have serious problems . So go away!


Hello @kinster, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

I have checked and escalated your case to our relevant department and I can confirm that it will be processed as soon as possible. I have also updated you via the ticket, could you please take a look?

Warm regards.

Maybe is it better to announce something online(Facebook, Twitter) about the delay in processing our tickets? Everybody wants to know what happened with their crypto and money and why they don’t get the right answers.


wait again today ?

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Dear @Lenneart, I feel how unpleasant this situation is unpleasant for you and I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Please rest assured that your case is currently being processed by our relevant team and they will contact you as soon as they have an update on this case.

Thank you in advanced!


Hello Matt, I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Let me kindly inform you that this case has been escalated to our relevant department. They will check the issue and contact you via the ticket as soon as possible.

Warm regards.

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I’m wiaiting for my address verification since 1 month!!

I have my account blocked with money into!

And you keep answering with same shitti standard sentence:

" > Maria Dusha (Wirex)

Nov 22, 2020, 11:09 GMT+2


I do apologize for the given inconveniences and understand that this process has become too long and frustrating! Unfortunately, we cannot override it, for security reasons.

Our relevant team is looking into your case and I appreciate your cooperation and will get back to you with a new update as soon as possible.

Best regards,


Are you serious?
You are a scam company!
People stay away from these scammers!
They have my money since 1 month!

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1 month and you always reply with same standard answer!

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Hello @thom, I am sincerely sorry for this unpleasant situation.

I have escalated this case to our relevant team. They will check the issue and update you via the ticket as soon as possible.

Best regards!

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Hello @AnitaN, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed response.

I have just updated you via the ticket, please check your mailbox.

Thank you in advanced!

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