Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 1)

Hi Anastasiia

The reference number is BIT-794398.

Someone did say they were going to arrange for the funds to be transferred back but it hasn’t been done yet. Do you know roughly how long it will take.

Many thanks

Do you actually have an escalation team?
No response in 3 months. Does that not warrant an urgent response?
Honest answer please. Have you been hacked and lost my data?
If so I have screenshots of all my crypto before lockout.
Now talk to your boss to talk to their boss to talk to their boss to actually do something and ring me +642102641394 to prove your a real person.

Hi please respond to my support request for a new card ASAP #74911

Vous ne repondez pas àma question mais toujours la même chose!!!
Mon compte est maintenant bloqué depuis plus de 2 mois!!! Combien d années vous faut il pour faire vos verifications ??? Le 16 mars, wirex n existe plus et mon argent, je le récupéré comment? Je dois avoir présde 3000 euro qui sont sur mon compte et je ne les aurais plus jamais? Vous me les volez c est ça???

Please my ticket is 1826012

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Hi @Dave1280,

I can see, that we have already updated you via the support ticket.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an exact timeframe for this situation to be resolved since we have not received it from the relevant team. We keep checking with them regarding the status of the request and will let you know once we have any news.

Thank you for understanding.

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Hi @Marcin01,

Please be advised that the relevant team is still looking into your case. We will contact you once there is an update.

Sorry for the delay and the inconvenience caused.


Hi @rvrosmalen,

I can see, that the relevant team is already working on your case. We will contact you immediately once it is completed.

Sorry for the delay.

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Hi @Diana,

I have sent you an update via the support ticket. Please check your inbox.


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Hi @levanrogo,

I have just sent you an email in order to specify the additional details of your case, please provide us with a reply so that we could assist you further.

Thank you in advance!

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I got an email from you yesterday which I replied too, if you have sent me new email just now there is nothing in my inbox / junk from you @Inna_Wirex

@Anastasiia_Wirex mi confermi per favore che è possibile parlare con il vostro supporto attraverso l’account telegram?

Hi Inna, I received a crypto funds notification from your Wirex team yesterday stating that I have received 4000 XRP to my account. I have checked my account and the funds do not appear to be in my account can you please advise. These are the missing funds just to make it clear.
Thanks for your help.
Leontios Christou.

Hello @wladymix,

I have checked your case and I can confirm that it is still being processed by the relevant team. I have escalated it to the highest priority and I can state for sure you will be updated via the support ticket as soon as possible.

Best regards.

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Dear Daniel, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

According to my check, our agent has already updated you via the ticket. Should you have any further questions - please feel free to ask them directly on the ticket.

Best regards!

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Dear Odra, I can see that the problem has already been resolved.

Should you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Best wishes!


Hello my transfers have failed I can not make transfers I sent you an email and still no response note this is my first experience with Wirex and I already feel disgusted please help me

Hello @Tessa23, I am sincerely sorry to hear about this.

I have just escalated your request to our Support Team and they will provide you with an update asap.

Best regards!

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Hi, if I block my Visa wirex card, I will not have to pay the fee. Still do not use the cards have ordered mastercard wirex cards