Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 1)

Hi @Koo :wave:

I’m sorry for the time you wait. Please accept my sincere apologies.

Your requests will be forwarded to the Support Team and will respond to you as soon as possible. @moderators

Thank you for your patience!

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Hi @Yuliia_Wirex,

What does immediately mean?

I understand that you need to follow regulations but it’s been 4 months.

There has got to be some middle ground here.

These past two months have been hell for me because of you and I am dangerously close to being completely screwed without my money.

Take off the withdraw restrictions and let me access my money in cash, or send me a compensation and deduct it from my account later when it becomes available.

Do something. There has got to be some way around this.

I need my money!!!

Please help me

@jsc ,

You go for it, Wirex have been scr*wing it’s customers for long enough, I battled for nearly 6 months of them locking my account repeatedly, limiting the size of my transactions to next to nothing and claiming all sorts of dubious excuses and the same cut and paste messages repeatedly. Also repeatedly having to verify my account every 5 weeks approx. This is after it had been fully verified and all restrictions lifted.

They made certain that I was unable to buy in the dips and sell on the peaks by blocking my account or my transactions.

Apparently I was earning too much on crypto and they didn’t like it and decided they wanted a share of my money to keep for themeselves, blocked my account, transactions and card transactions suddenly failed aswell as reducing the per transaction on the card payments.

. I lost a lot of money due to them but finally managed to get £35k off their platform before they closed my account.

I was hoping more people would take action rather than just complain to these callous greedy people.

Mohammed Hussain

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Wirex CEO @Pavel_Wirex :ear:

I still waiting long time
Why i just use Wirexcard. When you go to 7-11 and the supermarket to buy things, you will treat me as laundering money? ? ? It’s been 4 months and it’s been restored to no avail

@Pavel_Wirex :ear:
About Wirex debit card
According to the information on the company’s website, the company is subject to four overseas regulatory agencies.
Regulatory agencies, one of which is the British Financial Conduct Authority:
Enquiry: Contact us
Complaint: How to complain | FCA
In addition, the company’s website also shows that its Asian business is under the jurisdiction of a Singapore company. You may also consider contacting Monetary
Authority of Singapore seeks assistance:
Complaint: Reporting of Regulatory Breaches or Misconduct
:ear: @Pavel_Wirex
Is this complaint faster than you can handle? ? ? Because we waited for wirex to do things and waited until the necks were all the same result, this result told you to wait. Step in place Repeat and repeat!

(( The above information happy share and query, please do not delete this post intentionally ))

:cry:A u listen wirex CEO @Pavel_Wirex :ear:

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Me2 mie Now i waiting 4 month​:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

:ear: Wirex CEO @Pavel_Wirex @Pavel_Wirex @Pavel_Wirex
@Pavel_Wirex @Pavel_Wirex @Pavel_Wirex :ear:

I started using Wirexcard in 2020, but my experience has disappointed me too much. I couldn’t get back my hard-earned money without finding ways around me. Last year, wirex took the initiative to issue a scam link, which caused me a painful loss of all the assets of wirexcard. :sob:I immediately changed to a new wirexcard and used it again carefully, and found that the add fund pending time of the card is very long. . . Then in February 2021, he had to block my wirex account for security reasons. I waited for a month to unblock my wirex card. I felt that wirexcard was not safe, so I withdrew some funds at the ATM. After extraction, my account was blocked again. It has been unavailable since the first wait in March until now. I checked and asked him on wirex community, wirex facebook Instagram, and he kept telling me to wait indefinitely. Wirex also wants to block my Facebook Instagram. I can’t re-enquire about this facebook Instagram. I have sent hundreds of emails, but his attitude is the same. I am extremely helpless. I applied for this card to use his service, but now he freezes for no reason. My assets, I cannot consume normally. He does not provide services. I said to get my hard-earned money back, they told me to wait indefinitely. . . . How can I get back my assets immediately? ? Am I a customer without power? :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: hope you help me and ask you! See the victim in the wirex community. I want to cancel the account immediately so the money gets back. Please help me this consumer rights​:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

:ear: @Pavel_Wirex @Pavel_Wirex @Pavel_Trnavsky @Pavel_Wirex :ear:

Wirex CEO i wanna ask u
有關 Wirex debit card
構監管,其中一家為英國 Financial Conduct Authority:
查詢: Contact us
投訴: How to complain | FCA
該公司網頁亦顯示其亞洲業務由新加坡公司管轄, 閣下亦可考慮聯絡 Monetary
Authority of Singapore 尋求協助:
投訴: Reporting of Regulatory Breaches or Misconduct

Is this complaint faster than you can handle? ? ? Because we waited for wirex to do things and waited until the necks were all the same result, this result told you to wait. Step in place Repeat and repeat :cry:A u listen wirex CEO @Pavel_Wirex :ear:

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Dear @Koo, if you want to write a complaint, you are always welcome to do this. But as I mentioned earlier, the Support Team is not responsible for blocking your account and until we do not receive a response from the relevant department, there is nothing we can do about it, we just wait for the answer. So for now, I would like to ask you to avoid flooding with messages as this is a violation of the Community Forum rules. We appreciate your understanding!

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Dear @MYH, I want to assure you that nobody wanted to steal your money. As I see, your account is closed per your request. Do you have any other issues? We will be glad to assist you.

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Hi @Yuliia_Wirex,

Do you have an update on this?

Did you find a way in which I can access my money?

Are any of my suggestions doable, like taking off the restrictions?

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Then WIREX could at least deactivate the verification process so that customers have access to their money.

This shouldn’t be a (legal) problem, especially for customers who did a complete KYC years ago.

It can’t be that people here have been waiting for access for over 4 months now because the technology at WIREX doesn’t work.

At some point it doesn’t help anymore to ask for patience.

I am a victim too…more than 6 months now getting the same answer…we will…
And now they removed all my messages here with the words SPAM.
I only ask FOR 6 MONTHS to UNBLOCK my account.PLEASE???
Feel sorry for you and all the others who have the same difficulties.
I always thought that Wirex was the best. But…this is under zero


say something please. This is beyond urgent!!

146 days after … Im still waiting for someone from your team to check one case log… my account is blocked and soon my lawyer will contact you. Dont use this app. They always said same … and lies!
4 mounts and no result… this is very accurate support

Dear @Koo, please, note that until the investigation is ongoing, the access cannot be renewed. Once it is possible, you will be contacted right away.

Kind regards!

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Hi @Yuliia_Wirex,

Did you look into the possibilities?

Hi @Yuliia_Wirex,

I don’t understand how all this became such a huge deal.

I just want back access to my money.

This manual bank transfer that your team is working on has been pending for 4 months.

If it’s so difficult to complete the bank transfer please find another way to give me back access.

Lift off the restrictions, or send me the sum from another account and deduct it from my own account later when it becomes available, I don’t know, something.

Just give me back access to it.
I need my money!!

Dear @sin_bad! Please, make sure you specified the reason for not being able to withdraw the funds with your card in your ticket. Kindly rest assured that your case is being looked into and both our Support team and our Financial department are doing their best to solve this.


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Hi @G_C_G! Unfortunately, we are legally obliged to re-verify all the required details from time to time for security and privacy reasons.

Kind regards!

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Thanks for warning me but:
I got the same unuseless answer like I got several times before this last 6 months…the relevant team is looking for…

I am very disappointed.

Hello Marina,

Thank you for contacting us via social media

The relevant team is looking into your account.

They will contact you directly once there is an update on this case.

Kind regards,
Wirex Support representative

Dear @Mie, the review of such kind takes different amounts of time depending on a particular case, for that reason we cannot provide specific timeframes within which this can be completed.

Kind regards!

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