Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 1)

Please fix this asap, we need those funds for our financial needs. Thank you

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Our relevant it is fixing it for you sir :slight_smile:

Were very sorry for the delay. Regards.

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Thank you sir, i hope this will fix soon. We need the funds for our financial needs

@Cr95! Please, rest assured that all the relevant information will be forwarded to you via email.

Kind regards!

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@Maryna_Wirex I won’t rest assured of anything Until wireX give me something to be assured of.

quite frankly all you’ve done is give me these excuses that I will be contacted, that’s it’s with the relevant department and that something will happen,

but I’ve yet seen anything happen we are talking about an account has been locked since December of last year with no explanation no help!

now you’ve asked to give my funds back you’re dragging your heels if you have the details which one of your colleagues told me that You have!! where is my money?? why are you not sending it back??

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Any updates in Ticket ID: 648238?
Please fix this, we have children to feed. We need those funds FINANCIALLY. I beg you to work with this.

I have this eth pending ... when are you going to help me recover it? ...

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Please we need those funds for our children, its already 2 days and still pending, i beg you to solve my case asap we have to eat

Ticket number 630373 requires urgent assistance please!

I’ve been locked out of my account t for 9 months with no explanation! I’ve finally been told my account is closed and they will return my funds!

I provided details 13/08/2021 and I’m still waiting for a human answer,

When will my funds be sent?

Please assist me with my support ticket 646556. Thank you

Pls help me to back my account… I already forget the password. And also I finish to massage the support team but no response pls help me

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Hi there let me tag the @moderators for you :smiley: .

Hope your concern will be fix immediately. :heart_eyes::fire:


Yes please please I waiting for 3days but no response pls

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Our relevant team will reach you mam , hope it will OK asap.

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Thank you so much… I am waiting the moderator to assist me

Unfortunately I have been left with no choice but to write on here again. Despite numerous attempts of a real answer from support all I’m
Receiving is generic answers through this forum.

Not at any point since December 2020 has anyone taken me seriously. I have sent over 50 emails to wirex support.

They’ve asked for my bank details and BTC address on 13/08/2021 telling me that my account is now permanently closed and they can’t explain why. But they apparently WANT to send me my funds back.

This was 9 days ago and I still haven’t received a human reply telling me they’ve received my details.

In fact I had to send over 15 times because they were claiming not to receive my emails. (Email reply on the same thread they claim
Not to be receiving on)

Why do wirex insist on making fools out of themselves and their clients?

@moderators @Anastasiia_Wirex @Yuliia_Wirex @Ali_Wirex @Pavel_Wirex @Wirex @Palangs04 @crypto3y3 @ChienChien_Wirex @Maryna_Wirex

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I want to know when I can expect my funds? You’ve had them for long enough @Anastasiia_Wirex @Yuliia_Wirex @Maryna_Wirex @Ali_Wirex @Pavel_Wirex @ChienChien_Wirex @Palangs04 @crypto3y3

Has anyone had any experience with my same situation? please let me know how you got on

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Hi @Cr95! Please, note that this has been forwarded to the relevant department and escalated. Please, also respond to ticket 630373 with the requested details.

Kind regards!

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