Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 1)

My wirex account is blocked
5 days and I can’t enter …why every time the same fucking problem with Wirex ??? Why you blocked my account


Hello, I can not add Funds to my account. I\m trying to add my deb card and comes the message that this card is already added… And nothing more happens…


Hello there sorry for the experience youre having i know what youre feelings right now.

i suggest to you to create a request sir here


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My wirex account is blocked 5 days long why??
I need to enter …every time fucking problem with wirex this is not normal …this is very bad ok


Hello @Laimute18, please submit a ticket to the Support team here: Regards!

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helllo my account is blocked why
7 days and i cant enter insite my wallet i need my money ok i want backj all my fucking money

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You Wirex have locked my account and I need access too it. Ineed my money so please help me Its been a week now and you havent answerd any of my mails.
My thread nr is 1141436


Hi dear @snorre!

Thank you for posting your ticket number and excuse us for the delay on the waiting time, most of the time regards of this matter are being dealt in a quicker manner, apologies that there has been some sort of miscommunication, but I am glad you are here as moderators will give you an update shortly on the issue you have been experiencing.

Best regards!

Polygon was announced 2-3 says ago but since then you always get this error when trying to withdraw

two weeks ago I have the funds withheld in wirex. support is very bad. in two weeks they responded twice saying the same thing. my problem is that I CANNOT MAKE A TRANSFER in crypto. I tried btc, ltc, xlm and it’s pending, I’ve tried 10 times. and now, it has been pending for two days. the technical support, the only thing it says is to keep trying to send (it’s funny what they say) But I can’t even try since it’s been pending for 2 days. They have withheld my funds and they respond to me in the form of help, something so embarrassing that it is sad. to the wallet that it is, it rejects it or it remains pending.
I need help to get the money (via crypto) from this platform. answer something serious for the client who trusts this platform

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Hello @Santi, the Support team has just updated you, please check it out. Please accept our apologies for inconveniences caused.

Hi @snorre, the Support team has sent you a message a week ago, there was no reply from you. Please check your mailbox or spam folder.

Hi @tastymfbg, kindly note that Polygon was announced in the Wirex wallet, not in the Wirex app. Regards!

Dear @Andrea2, our team is aware of this issue, rest assured, they are working on it. We are sorry for this situation. The transaction will be processed as soon as possible.

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Hi there, I had submitted ticket as I am having trouble accessing my account, it’s been a while since I logged in. Now if I try to change my password it says to contact customer support for help!

For some reason you closed my previous ticket before the problem was resolved (Ticket 1167193) so I just opened a new ticket for the same issue (Ticket 1167223) please can you help me to regain access to my account ASAP.

Thank you



Hi, Any news about withdrawals using polygon network (MATIC) it seems not been working properly. Thanks

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I’ve been waiting forever for ages. Is there soon something new, something newer than standard messages.
Ticket number 661071


I’ve been saying the same things for 8 days … I want to log into my wallet and that’s it I’m TIRED of always having problems with Wirex always always having problems. so let me log in I need to withdraw my money