Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 1)

Ticket #1137380
Hello i have been trying to send BTC for the past few days now and every time i try and confirm via my email it fails every single time (i have tried different amounts and sending to different address also), i was told wirex was the fastest service. Could this be due to funds still pending from my bank, or too low miner fees? i hope to hear back soon thanks.

Hello Robert,

I’m so sorry to hear that your crypto transactions have been failed. It will be my pleasure to sort this out for you.
This case has been sent to the relevant team in order to investigate it. Once I receive an update from them, I will contact you immediately via the ticket.

Thank you!


I lost 4000 dollars. my account was plundered, blocked by wirex and wirex has not reported since that time. It’s been 4 months now. No Response since August. Thank you Wirex👍


Hello Stefan,
I appreciate you contacting us regarding this issue. Let me kindly inform you that this case has been escalated to the relevant department for a thorough investigation. They will contact you shortly :e-mail:

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Ticket Number: 1138323

I have been struggling with an issue on my account, keeps telling me to reset password because its expired but everytime i reset it just refreshes and goes back to previous page!

This happens on every phone i log into, deleted the app reinstall and still dosent work on anything phone!!! I havent got a reply in about 3 days and the telegram group is useless now!

Please help I cant access my money!!!


I am so sorry to hear about your experience with your Wirex account.

I can see that the issue was resolved in the ticket, could you confirm?

Please feel free to DM me in case you require any further assistance.

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We are seeing an issue with the APP where it will not allow the customer (Wirex) to enter 8 digits pass the decimal point. We opened a ticket: 1141334.

Can you chase with solution? Wirex app will only accept 6 digits… which is below the industry best practice.

We would love to spend crypto from the app… just need to figure out how to use the app for payments. How can a user put in all 8 digits required by merchant to complete a transaction using the Wirex app?

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Sincerely sorry for the belated reply.

I can see that your support ticket is already updated by our relevant team.

I do understand how frustrating it was that you could not send the amount of BTC using the 8 digits according to the amount that was generated by the merchant.

Unfortunately, currently, our system only supports 6 digits. Your feedback was forwarded to our relevant team and I will do my best in order to escalate the resolution of this issue for you.

Best regards.

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Request ID #1122203


About two weeks ago I transferred some XLM to my Wirex account and they somehow got lost.
I would like to know how is that possible and how much more time it will take to resolve this issue?

Thanks you.

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Request ID: 1142714

As of 30 mins about I am unable to log into my account… I manage to login in earlier and was chatting to support. I logged out to clear cache and now I am unable to login from any platform (online or app)…

Could this please be looked into urgently as I need to access my funds.

Kind Regards

Hi there,
I sincerely apologise for the delays. I have read the conversations and the last reply was from us to you - you can feel free to raise any concerns to the support team. Right now, your issue is being looked closely into and should there be any progress, you will be the updated immediately.

Thank you for your patience!

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Hi Cooppan,
I have replied you on another thread. Thank you!

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my account is still locked! Same answer since October! How can i resolve this issue?

Hello Giulio,

I understand how frustrating this situation is for you and I kindly ask you to accept our sincere apologies for making you wait for so long.

Let me kindly inform you that this case has been escalated to the relevant team for immediate investigation. They will contact you via the ticket as soon as possible.

I will keep an eye on your case and make sure it will be on the fast track.


Ich warte schon seit August. Was ist in den 4 Monaten geschehen? Ich weiss die Antwort: NICHTS.
Glaubt Ihr wirklich, Ihr könnt mir mein Geld nehmen und euch passiert Nichts?

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Hello Stefan,

Please be informed that our relevant team will get back to you on Monday.
I have escalated this case to our Senior Manager to make sure it will be on the fast track.

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Any body having issues in depositing money to your accounts… Have sent pounds to my account through faster payments 20 hours back but have been told by wirex that they don’t see the transactions…

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Hi Ramkay,

I apologize to hear about the delay in the delivery of your transfer.

Our relevant team has updated you via the ticket. In the case you do not receive your transfer in 24 hours, kindly let us know via the ticket.

Warm regards.

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Hi I am trying to transfer dai out of my account but keep getting declined transaction dont know wats the problem

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Hi @Shabbarjuma,

I deeply apologize to hear that you are unable to perform your DAI transaction.

I have already escalated your case to our relevant team. Also, we have sent you an update via the ticket, please send us a response.

Bets regards.

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