Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 1)

Hello Anastasia you ever had help me can you tell me the reason of my account is closed ?

El El lun, 1 mar 2021 a la(s) 5:47, Anastasiia via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <> escribió:



It’s been 1 month now since my account turned unavailable, im a 3year+ wirex user and you treat me with such disrespect it’s unreal, you just lock me out of my account without even giving me 1 reason, you just block my funds and then say “soon”, i have never seen such behaviour towards your own customers. At this point i’m starting to give up hope of getting my money back.

Thanks, i found it. Method changed since last update.

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279375 Ticket
Please I need to update my phone number to access my wirex account

4 months now what’s going on now

Been wait 4 months with 10 eth 1btc and 16 lite locked in account. With bs replys

4 months no action no nothing 1btc 10 eth and 16 ltc locked in account.
sort it out. YOU are thieves plain and simple.
There is not 1 positive feedback in here

@megabitnik, this is not quite true.

With over 3M customers, there are more than enough happy customers. That said, i am one of them. I’m using it for a year now.

I had two problems - with one that i had mistakenly did by myself - and everything got solved as well and in time. What i did very first after registration, was to fully authenticate my persona and link my top up card before i started to operate with Wirex > something that every user/customer should do!

Second, i am using this platform in addition to my fiat bank account. So i don’t get my salary payed out on Wirex for safety. I love Wirex and their service, but they have a long way to go till they reach a stable point of an bank, that e.g. operates already over 200 years (Erste Bank) or as payment/pre paid services like Electron.
Wirex and the hole team does a great job, and still, they have to learn much.

It seems that many people just transfer a shitload of money to their new Wirex wallets without thinking and get baffled, when they get blocked while getting monitored by authorities for reason, cause people are starting late with the verification process and/or simply the way how some people move money over uncertain ways > keep in mind, that even in regular fiat banks it is not possible to make bank transfers over EUR 12.000,00 (depending on region/country) without verifying the money movement (from where it comes/where it goes). Also AML5D is a thing. It feels like the struggle of so money of you is self-inflicted.

Wirex isn’t that bad, the way how many people use Wirex is.



Hi Inna I’m still waiting please do something for me I need my money.
Why nobody contact me to resolve the problem?
Is 35 days Im waiting

In regards to last message. Still haven’t heard from wirex. Am waiting patiently.

Hi, I can’t redeem my rewards any more.
The redeem button is grey and doesn’t work.
I have enough satoshi staked so the problem can’t be the amount.
Can you please help me?


Hello @Tim28, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

I have already updated you via the ticket, please take a look.

Best regards!

Dear Kevin, I am sincerely sorry for this unpleasant situation.

I’ve just sent an update to the email address associated with your Wirex account.

Best Regards!

Dear @kas, thank you for your prompt response!

I just have updated you via the ticket, could you please check?

Thank you in advance!

Dear Gustavo,

Let me kindly inform you that our relevant team has contacted you via the ticket. Please note that due to security and privacy reasons we cannot provide any personal/case details via this public forum. Therefore, let me kindly ask you to check your mailbox and provide the relevant team with the response via the ticket directly.
They will be glad to assist you further.

Warm regards.

I will just keep on posting in every thread, maybe sometime someone will actually care, why is my account unavailable for so long and nobody even cares to answer?? Can you stop giving me the bullsh*t line " relevant team looking into it", there is nobody looking into it, its been over 1 month, dont you care about your customers at all ? i want access to my funds PLEASE.


I’ve been using wirex 3years+ and i never had any issues untill this january when suddenly “account unavailable contact support” which i did and only answer i get is “soon, very soon”.

Can i please have access to my funds, how can u treat your customers like this, how can you just lock accounts without even giving a reason, what the hell is going on here i want my funds back.

Dear Andrei, I am sincerely sorry to hear the resolution of your issue is delayed.

I have now escalated your case to the highest priority, which means it will be processed as soon as possible. You will be updated via the ticket accordingly once it is done.

Warm regards!

A significant amount of my funds are locked up in the “Pending” state after trying to transfer them from my Wirex VISA card to my Wirex GBP account. I have been waiting for a resolution to this (tickets #129293 and #224845) since January.

I’ve tried contacting you several times, and each time I’m either ignored or fobbed off with statements like “We experienced an unexpected increase in inquiries in the last few weeks” which is ridiculous because:

a) I’ve been waiting longer than these new inquiries so mine should be higher priority, and
b) if you can’t handle your existing customers properly, you shouldn’t be taking on new customers!

This is absolutely ridiculous, PLEASE sort it out!

Thanks a lot!

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