Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 1)

I was charged twice for elite packet subscription yearly and month how you can refund me that month thanks

Dear @Georgios, thank you for taking the time writing to us.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an exact timeframe since we have not received it from the relevant team. As soon as there is any news on this - you will be updated immediately.

Warm regards.

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Escalating Ticket #341749
I am supposed to enjoy 100% fee discount for BTC purchase and transfer,

but just now i found that it is not anymore

please tell me why

Unable to login as no access to 2 factor authentication app have created multiple tickets for this now please help!!

Unable to login due to not having access to my 2 factor authentication app any more. I have created tickets to this but had no response

Hello @Jkey691, please accept our sincere apologies for the delayed response.

I have updated you via ticket 295298. Could you please check your email and reply to this ticket?

Thank you in advance!


Ticket 337717

Not sure… Why it wouldn’t work with my MasterCard as it worked with Visa

Ticket 327440

Second Ticket… with regards to my CryptoBack missing.

Admin please help. i have raised a ticket but no reply (as always)

Escalating Ticket #341749

staking 500k+ WXT as shown.

Escalating Ticket #341749

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Wenn du ein Guthaben auf deinem Eurokonto hast kannst du mit Karte bezahlen so war es bei mir das ist jetzt glaub ich anders als bei Visa card probierst mal aus bin auch nur zufällig draufgekommen lg

nous sommes le 14 mars… dans 2 jours, wirex c est fini!!! mon argent??? VOUS ME L AVEZ VOLE ou vous allez me le rendre??? J ai ete assez patiente je crois non???

They refund to me on 18 Feb 2021 but I still can’t receive anything till now.
The arn code is 74295551051002587673042.
I have sent a request 329321 to ask for a wirex statement from November 2020 to march 2021 vut I still cant get any response so far.


Still no update on wirex. Still unable to use wirex card

Desde el 4 marzo mi transferencia esta pendiente solucionen el problema es mucho tiempo ticket 333742

@ValeR Please read my answer here:

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Dear Wirex Team,
could you help me with ticket #4054 ?
Thank you in advance,

It is a bug in numbers!!! This is only 5 euro.

Hi @pcfat,

I have just sent you an update via the support ticket. Please check your mailbox.

Best wishes!

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Almost 24 hours pasted I still no even heard a word from no one , after double checking my deposit has already gone into the address ages ago but didn’t show up on my account

If still didn’t heard from anyone I’ll have to report thief

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