Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 1)

Dear Wirex Team,
many weeks ago I sent a document as a proof of my address ( water bill),but I’ ve never reiceved any response and my accoun is still frozen.
Could someone of Wirex revelevant Team help me?
Thank you in advance

Hi @ValeR :wave:

Under no circumstances should you share your documents here on the community forum. It is a public place where anyone can access it. However, you can share your support ticket number here:

@Oleg_Levchuk Please do not say stupid things, it is dangerous.


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@wirexuser01 : thank you for your help!.
I’ve follow your instructions loading my docs on the link provided.

@ValeR Please note, only provide the ticket number - no document. Everything is public so it’s dangerous for you.


Hi @ValeR,

I have escalated your case to the Verification Team. They will contact you shortly.

Best wishes!

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Hi @angel,

I can see, that we have already updated you 5 hours ago. May I ask you to send us an answer via ticket #125868?

Thank you in advance!

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How is anyone supposed to find anything in this monster thread?

I frequently see questions asked in the forum that I would like to see answers to, that you move here and then they are lost without trace.

Greatv way for you to solve nothing!

Hi I have been trying to get verification of my account but it has been pending for over three months now. I also submitted a ticked for moving my funds out of my account and here is the support ticket number (344351) please help

thank you so much for your valuable support!.
My POE is at last confirmed!


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They refund to me on 18 Feb 2021 but I still can’t receive anything till now.
The arn code is 74295551051002587673042.
I have sent a request 353065.

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Support Request #353224.

I took me weeks to get my account’s address proof verified. Now that i have received confirmation, my card still can’t process physical OR online transactions.

Please fix otherwise what’s the point of using your service??! its extremely frustrating


Dear Anastasiia,

Only to ask if my account email has finally been changed.

This morning I’ve tried to access my account but it seems credentials has changed.

I’ve only 1 attempt left, so I’d like to know if email has changed.

Hope in your answer soon.

Kind regards,

Elisabetta Maria Pozzo


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Dear Tax,

I have just update you via the support ticket. Please check your mailbox.

Best wishes!


Hello Wirex Team,
I can’t activate my new Mastercard. It always says that the Expiration Date ist wrong.
Cann You help me please


Application 335317 is still pending.
Please help!

Dear Tony, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

I have checked your case and have also updated you via the ticket, please take a look.

Warm regards!

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Dear Nisar, thank you for your reply.

Kindly note that Mastercard is working worldwide, but Wirex provides services, not for all countries. To provide our clients with reliable and legal services, Wirex undergoes all local regulatory compliance procedures. As soon as they are completed, we will launch our product in your country without any further delay. Please, find more information on the following link: The list of supported countries


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Got my new Mastercard on the 9th of March, but cannot activate it, as it keeps saying wrong expiry date. Info entered is correct.

I opened a ticket (317890) five days ago, but still no Response and the old card stops working in 2 days

Also not getting rewards for purchases at the moment.

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