Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 1)

Hat sich erledigt Karte funktioniert. Aber Danke für die Info lg

I had 3 Wirex transactions pending/processing forever. Wirex managed to cancel 2 of them but 1 is still in the undesirable state. Please, cancel it as well. How hard is it to do? It’s your own token! #363433

I also have a ticket where I accidentally sent XLM to Wirex without the required Tag. I understand that this is a bit more difficult as it probably requires higher degree of manual intevention. But I’m sure there are other similar tickets pending for weeks and months. Please group this type of tickets and get them fixed! #303884

(368912)ticket number!

I have only just opened up the login page for the forum but I’m having great difficulty getting in to my account! is says it’s blocked! keeps sending me to the help page! my ticket number is ((368912) can you please help me get back online I’ve already missed out on hundreds of pounds so need this account back up ASAP! I’ve done nothing wrong sibokese get back to me and let me know if any issues that I can change to hurry thus along! many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you soon as possible! Mr Doig

(311884) this ticket has been outstanding for months. I have had no contact at all. Please can I have some progress on this issue. It is very important to me.

You said you updated me via the support ticket and for me to check my mailbox
Where is the mailbox ? Can you not answere me here or send an answer to my gmail

I want my money back asap when my accout was closed it shouldnt still receive funds it should return to the sending account
Surely its fraudulant to close an account in someone’s name and but keep it active to receive somebody’s funds that they have no control over

Please reply where i can read it

Hello Wirex Team, I need urgent Support. Please reset my 2FA urgently because I have a new device. Ticket 371904. No response from the Support since weeks. Thank you

Ticket (347988)

Me habéis derivado al equipo de soporte para proporcionarme una actualización de la cuenta,
Pero ya hace una semana que me faltan 800€ de esta y necesito seguir operando con la cuenta, pero no quiero hacerlo hasta que esté solucionado. Cuanto vais a tardar en solucionarmelo? Gracias

Hi @kaskal,

I have just sent you updates via the support tickets. Please check your mailbox.


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Good day

I have been waiting for a reaction from wirex for days, but unfortunately without success. i don’t know the team like that. I’ve been a customer for almost three years and I’ve always received help.

Now I urgently need help because my stored cell phone number has expired and I have no access to my account.

My ticket id is 370412

I would appreciate a quick response today

Edit: I gave my details to a supposed Mariia K. She apparently takes over the support for me. After answering your request with the documents, no response for 8 hours.

Hi @christopher_doig,

The relevant team is already looking into our case. We will contact you via the support ticket once there is an update.

Best wishes!

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Will these limits ever change or will they always be the same? This has trapped my money in crypto. It is going to take me years to withdraw £3000 by £120 each time. It will also be very expensive?

When will this issue be solved please ?

Hi @henrylavery101,

We completely understand how much inconvenience has been caused by this unpleasant situation.

Please rest assured that this case has been escalated to our relevant team one more time to speed up the process of resolution. As soon as we have an update from them, we will contact you without any delay.

Thank you for your patience understanding.


As long term coustomer I am very disapointed with your suport . You have locked my wirex account for more then month now. I can not login and i wrote abour this problem on suport many times. And i always receive generated answer saying to manny coustomers with problems wrote to you.
Very, very disapointed indeed

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Rest easy I think everyone is having the same issues. Covid has slowed down a lot of things! We just have to wait I’m afraid


I can see, that you have already explained the reason for the block via ticket #234231 and we are waiting for your reply. Please check your mailbox.

Thank you in advance!

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My ticket number is (311884)

Hi @1111qqqq,

Your mailbox is your own email box that is registered in Wirex.

Here is the message we have sent you:
“Please be informed that as we’ve communicated before, Contis will close all Wirex Visa card accounts on 16.03.2021. More information can be found on the following link: Visa card account FAQ

Let me know in case you have any question.

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Hi @vds,

I am sorry for the delay with a reply.

I have just sent you an email in order to specify the additional details of your case, please provide me with a reply so that we could assist you further.

Thank you in advance!


Hello Wirex Team, I need urgent Support. Please reset my 2FA urgently because I have a new device. Ticket 371904. No response from the Support since weeks @Anastasiia_Wirex @Inna_Wirex