Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 1)


i received an email from support this morning. Just to continue on the same thread, I’m posting it it here alongside my response.

And my response:

Address this!!

Quit telling me that you’re doing your best despite MONTHS of waiting and just send me my money back already!

I tried withdrawing money again just now.
It still would not work.

Hello @Koo, we want to inform you that we have done our best to speed up the investigation of your case, but there is no news yet and we cannot help you at the moment. Once again, please accept our sincere apologies. We will inform you about the updates as soon as we receive them. Have a nice day.

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Hello @sin_bad, we are very sorry for the long wait. I can assure that your request is processing by our team, we will let you know wheт we receive any news on your case. Most likely, you are not able to withdraw the funds because you have reached the maximum limit for withdrawal per month - 2000 EUR. Regards!

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Hi @G_C_G, most likely, it is one-time technical issue. Our agent should contact you at the nearest time, we are sorry for the long wait. Regards!

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Can anyone help me regain access to my account? I am a victim of Brexit. New EU laws with the new year blocked my email box in England. I also blocked the card by mistake. All password reset options and email changes are not possible without the manual intervention of the support. The problem is that all ways to regain access to the account end up sending instructions to a non-existent e-mail address. In the meantime, the visa cards have been replaced by the maestro cards. The funds were placed in a secure account (this was ensured in the chat). I cannot log in to my account. I cannot order a new maestro card. I cannot take the funds blocked. Support is not responding to emails or (since April) claiming to be working hard to change my email !!! ?? !!. Such inefficiency in the banking industry is shameful. In order for 5 months to not be able to change the e-mail in my account, it is a mockery. Multiple ineffective e-mails and chats confirm to me that only the intervention of the crim.inal services can help me recover my money. If someone had a similar problem, please give me a hint on how he dealt with the problem.


Hello @jsc, we are truly sorry that you did not receive a prompt response to your case. I have escalated your request to the relevant team and your email address should be changed at the nearest time. Thank you for your cooperation. Have a nice day.

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this is a joke an absolute joke it’s been 2 weeks now and no one has contacted me no one from the support team nobody I provided all the information requested 2-weeks ago and still nobody has contacted me or done anything, you keep saying they will contact me at the nearest opportunity but nobody has replied or done anything from the support team. I find this disgusting and extremely unprofessional especially when everything is in compliance I’ve given them the documents they requested so they haven’t contacted me because they have absolutely nothing to say no excuse. It disgusting and I’m filling a complaint with the financial ombudsman and FCA .

I have been speeding up countless times, and everyone has no time to wait too long. Can you check the following information for YULIIA_WIREX? ? About Wirex debit card
According to the information on the company’s website, the company is subject to four overseas regulatory agencies.
Regulatory agencies, one of which is the British Financial Conduct Authority:
Enquiry: Contact us
Complaint: How to complain | FCA
In addition, the company’s website also shows that its Asian business is under the jurisdiction of a Singapore company. You may also consider contacting Monetary
Authority of Singapore seeks assistance:
Enquiry: Contact Us
Complaint: Reporting of Regulatory Breaches or Misconduct Please do not delete the post, share it with everyone for inquiries!

No. 316815 385466 519483

Hi @Yuliia_Wirex,

I’ve been waiting for this update for over 4 months.


I can’t pay for basic living expenses which is ridiculous when my money is right there.

Just give me back access to it already.

Make it happen please.


This is insane

How long could this possibly take?

As soon as I think about wirex I miss the chance for a good day !!! . Yuliia, I expect action, not copying and pasting the text for other clients. The same text, word for word, appears in subsequent e-mails from the beginning of the year. Nearest time !!! ??? What does this mean for Wirex? 5 months ? According to the accepted rules, I should wait at most a week for the task to be completed or the reason for the impossibility to do it … !!!

So please give me a date for solving the problem …

I have collected enough evidence of the suspected wirex activity.

I propose a challenge. We will see who will do their job faster. Will wirex replace my e-mail and regain access to my finances without lawsuits, or will the FCA do it faster


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Will wirex compensate its customers for the financial damage?
We have been losing a lot of money in the past days.

By the way: The verification still doesn’t work for me and I haven’t received an email either.

Hello @Muri, we are so sorry for this situation. We have already escalated this case to the relevant team, they should contact you regarding this matter. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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Hi @Yuliia_Wirex,

Can you not just remove the withdraw limit on my account so I can withdraw my funds in cash.

I honestly can’t wait on you people to resolve this. It’s been over 4 months. At this rate it could go on for another 4 months.

If the answer is no please explain to me the reason.

I need access to my money NOW

Hello @Koo, if you want to write a complaint, please contact us via this email -

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Dear @sin_bad, unfortunately, despite our willingness to help you, I do not have the exact time of the resolution. We will inform you immediately regarding this case as soon as possible.

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@jsc, I can assure you that we have escalated your request, but unfortunately, I cannot provide you with an exact time frame. Thank you for your patience.

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Dear @G_C_G, unfortunately, no compensation can be provided for verification problems. I understand your dissatisfaction, but unfortunately, this problem is not handled by the support team, but by another department, to which we have already escalated your case. Please, wait and you will be contacted by them. Regards!

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Hi @Koo :wave:

I’m sorry for the time you wait. Please accept my sincere apologies.

Your requests will be forwarded to the Support Team and will respond to you as soon as possible. @moderators

Thank you for your patience!

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Hi @Yuliia_Wirex,

What does immediately mean?

I understand that you need to follow regulations but it’s been 4 months.

There has got to be some middle ground here.

These past two months have been hell for me because of you and I am dangerously close to being completely screwed without my money.

Take off the withdraw restrictions and let me access my money in cash, or send me a compensation and deduct it from my account later when it becomes available.

Do something. There has got to be some way around this.

I need my money!!!

Please help me

@jsc ,

You go for it, Wirex have been scr*wing it’s customers for long enough, I battled for nearly 6 months of them locking my account repeatedly, limiting the size of my transactions to next to nothing and claiming all sorts of dubious excuses and the same cut and paste messages repeatedly. Also repeatedly having to verify my account every 5 weeks approx. This is after it had been fully verified and all restrictions lifted.

They made certain that I was unable to buy in the dips and sell on the peaks by blocking my account or my transactions.

Apparently I was earning too much on crypto and they didn’t like it and decided they wanted a share of my money to keep for themeselves, blocked my account, transactions and card transactions suddenly failed aswell as reducing the per transaction on the card payments.

. I lost a lot of money due to them but finally managed to get £35k off their platform before they closed my account.

I was hoping more people would take action rather than just complain to these callous greedy people.

Mohammed Hussain