Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 1)

Hello @Javayim, Unfortunately, there is no update on your case so far. We are sorry for the time it is taking to resolve the matter and for the inconvenience caused by the situation. As soon as we have more details from the department in charge, we will let you know at once.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Too resistant. May I ask what documents I want to supplement, verify that I have no news, please reply to me if you have any questions!

Hello there! Thank you for contacting us.

Could you please clarify your request?

Thank you in advance!

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(604674) Can u look into this ticket for me please

Ticket # 459402 has been outstanding since 28 April 2021. Today is the 1st of August and as yet, I have received no response except for a generic reply on 30 April stating that you currently have an increased number of tickets to respond to.

Over three months?? I find this unbelievable. The ticket is concerning 3D secure passwords that I should receive by SMS for online transactions that are still not arriving to my phone. As such, I cannot continue with online payments that require 3D verification.

Am I going to get a response at all??

For request (588543) and request (598949), my XLM withdrawal has been pending for 2 weeks and no reply for few days. The fund is still deducted without sending out. Please either send out the XLM or cancel the withdrawal and release the XLM so that I can withdraw again.

My ticket was said to be escalated but I haven’t heard for more than 1 month. I do want to login to my account. Please advise.

Ticket is 535449.

Please understand that I can’t verify it. I can’t use your service. When can I apply for your MasterCard?

May I ask when the verification can be resolved, because I have to prepare to go abroad and use your service

Hello, impossible to pay with wirex card for online shopping and stores. how can it be ? my card has been activated for a few weeks and I have enough funds. Thank you for your help

Hello, impossible to pay with wirex card for online shopping and stores. how can it be ? my card has been activated for a few weeks and I have enough funds. Thank you for your help

Hi @lava5656 :wave:

Have you correctly linked your devise (crypto or fiat) where your funds are available to your card? Here is the procedure to do it:

  • Log in to your Wirex account Click on “Card

  • Click on “Associated account”

  • Click on the mesh to the right of the desired devise account and click on “Save” at the bottom of the page.

  • Ready to pay with devise account! :white_check_mark:

For more information, please go HERE.

I hope I helped you! Feel free to come here for further help if needed :smiley:

Best regards!

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Hello @wirexuser01 , thank you for your response. Everything is good in terms of the organization of my accounts. For example when I make an online payment the money will be withdrawn. a second later on the website they will tell me that the payment has been canceled because they encountered a problem. then I will be refunded the money directly on Wirex.

I have a second question when the card will work I also want to associate my card with websites. they ask me for a country and a BIC number. I have to put my country of residence or the united kingdom? and what is the BIC of your bank?

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Dear Anastasiia I have been waiting for verification but still nothing happend. Please help me. How long must I wait???
Best regards

Dne pet., 30. jul. 2021 ob 08:48 je Anastasiia Support Representative via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <> napisal/-a:

It’s strange that your payments are debited but ultimately refunded. Do you make your payments through a VPN, for example? Sometimes this is the source of the problem (but the payment is not debited).

Your ticket #605928 will be processed as soon as possible. @moderators @Anastasiia_Wirex

Regarding your 2nd question, you can add your card to many websites. However, you are confusing it with a bank account because the BIC is specific to an IBAN. A credit card does not have its information.

I hope I would have answered your questions. :smiley:

Best regards!

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Hi, my Ticket #565169 was escalated a month ago, but I didn’t get customer support since them.

Hello Wirexers,

I have posted support ticket with regards to my refund not received. The number is 608617. Kindly check for me please. Thanks.

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Dear Anastasiia
Now I wait for verification the hole 25 days. I think that is too much and I beg for explanation why is taking so long. Please don’t just write the same answer all over again especially if you don’t answer on my question with it.
This answer that is attached I got 17th times, but I still don’t know how long must I wait for verification??? For me the “nearest time” means few hours or maybe one day. !!!
Best regards


Dne pon., 2. avg. 2021 ob 12:43 je Darja Rečnik <> napisal/-a:

Hello @omj247, please accept our sincere apologies for the delayed response.

I can confirm that the relevant team is already processing your requests. Please note that you will be updated via ticket as soon as possible.

Best regards.

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