Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 1)

Ok I found the correct message.

You claim I have breached terms of services but provided no proof nor what part of the TOS I would have broken.

Please explain yourselves.

if you do not solve the problem, I will apply to an international court

Oh wow, so they just set an automated bot to reply the same to everyone…

Hi Yuliia,
do you have a fresh update for the resolution of tkt #1463199 ?, if not,I kindly ask you to escalade my case,please.

My account is still suspended even if I provided immediately the doc. and data required.
Awaiting for a follow-up,
Thank you

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do you have an update for me ( ticket 1476394 )
I have submitted all the required documents!
I need the money!

Hi yulia,do you have any news about my "ticket 1467865"I immediately proceeded to send you the requested document but my account is still suspended after 2 days, I kindly ask you to solicit the case and as I have already said if you need further documents I am at your complete disposal. thank you

Where is my money? What a problem?

Literally typicall fraud. Wirex is big scam, I don’t blame support team because there are a lot of workers from Ukraine or similar countries only with one requirement - which is the English language. They only answer with ready-made formulas, no one can help. But this company should collapse, tomorrow I will make a call out on LinkedIn because I saw that wirex wants to expand and makes new offices - I will inform everyone not to join this scam - employees probably do not get paid either. Funny company


When verification process will be finished for my account? The message says that it takes no more than 24h. I have uploaded all the docs more than 24h ago but it is still pending.
My ticket number is 1480862

To all those who on 20/04/2022 had their account suspended with considerable sums, and the request to fill out the questionnaire and to send the proof of address, you can write me privately that we have created a group to organize ourselves on how to move if Wirex does not resolve quickly. I repeat ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE HAD THIS PROBLEM DESCRIBED AND WHO HAVE CONSIDERABLE SUMS BLOCKED! Do not write to me for different problems. Below the screens. I have + 200k € blocked.


Same problem here. Not such a big sum but it doesn’t really matter. No response from the team and 24h+ pending verification (when app says UP TO 24h) is really frustrating.


Please don’t keep silence @Yuliia_Wirex @Maryna_Wirex
There are more then 10 people with exactly the same sudden verification problem. All the docs were uploaded 24h+ ago. How long do we all have to wait for the result?


Hi @Yuliia_Wirex ; @Ali_Wirex ; @ChienChien_Wirex ; @Anastasiia_Wirex .
Could someone of you, provide a useful explanation to me and to all customers stacked in this absurd situation?
Alternatively, could someone escalade to Senior Service or Wirex Management?
Again: ticket #1463199



Hi @Yuliia_Wirex , @Ali_Wirex , @ChienChien_Wirex , @Anastasiia_Wirex,
Same here!
ticket #1482818

account blocked without any notice… now 24hrs passed already from when I gave what requested and my account is still non usable… as usual little respect for your clients… Elite or not… investors or not… please… put your house in order once and for all!


Hi @cotamnato! Thank you for contacting us here. Please submit a support request so that we are able to assist you further if you believe the promo was not paid when you were an eligible participant: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone Best regards!

wow the bot is in full effect, obviously he needed help with his account and not some promo participation.

This is sad.

Hi @Clickstreet, thank you for contacting us. We’ve passed this case to the relevant team. You will be updated as soon as possible! Best regards!

Hi @Stefan_P, according to our T&Cs, Wirex is not required and may be prohibited by law to provide any further information regarding your account closure or suspension. You may check this here: Wirex | General Terms of Service

Hi @mastercho, we do not have any bots on the forum. Best regards!

Hi @FCotti, thank you for providing us with the ticket number. The case has been escalated to the relevant team and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Regards!