Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 2)

Reference Ticket number


Hello @Thunderbird6, thank you for contacting us here. We can see that our Support representative replied to your ticket yesterday. Please check your mailbox and its Spam/Junk folders. Kind regards!

My transaction delay more than 24h and there is no information de support

Hey @Aleksandr010516,
We’re sorry to hear this! Please create a customer support ticket here: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone (
The team will then reach out to you directly to get this resolved.

I did 2 ticket bun nothing. There is no reaction

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it should be ok now sir ?

Why is it that I cant order a card when I have funds in my Wirex account. It says fund unavailable?

Why isx it I cannot order a card even though I have fund in my Wirex account? It says fund Unavailable??

Hi @Thunderbird6, as I can see, you successfully ordered a Wirex card. Regards!

I’ve been waiting months for my ticket (2964573) to be resolved. They have already said they can unlock my account and waiting for my confirmation. I said ok, and there’s no reply for more than 2 weeks.

I spoke with some others and there’s some suspicion that Wirex lost money in the latest sell-off, and is going to disappear with the remaining funds, telling their reps to be quiet. Is their any truth to this rumour?

Hi @Sachounet, we can see that you were updated 2 days ago. Unfortunately, we do not have any new information on the matter. However, please rest assured that we are doing our best to speed up the process from our side. Regards!

Hi @J.S, we see that the issue with account access has been resolved already. Regards!

Hi Wirex team,
This summmer, I wired Bitcoin worth thousand of dollars to my Wirex account. I haven’t been able to access my funds for month and the value of that bitcoin sin then. I requested that my account be closed and the funds returned to my Spanish EUR account. I replied to ticket 2933415 with the additional banking information that was asked of me. Then, I opened a new ticket 2940839 and the money still hasn’t been wired to my Spanish EUR account. Please, provide me with an update and confirm when I can expect thevfund to be returned to me.

Hello @AleHenriquez, thank you for informing us about this situation. Our Support Agent will get in touch with you via email at the nearest time. Regards!

Hi you all. How come xrp withdrawal fee is 1
approx. 10eur??? This is cheapest asset to move aroun in blockchain world. it has to be 0.001 or even less.

Hi @profitnews, please check the current fees on this page: Wirex fees and limits. Regards!

It was normal couple month ago. But 5usd for transactionfor xrp… That’s massive. I would understand some %.
But, you give other benefits, so in long run it’s profitable.
Thank you

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Hello Wirex team!

I have patiently been waiting on two crypto top ups (DAI and USDC) on the polygon chain, which have not been credited for months. The first txn has been pending since August 2022!

I have filed a new ticket under #3008680 for both, as I submitted separate tickets prior to that - they kept getting resolved in the ticket system without any answer or acknowledgement!!

The two original tickets contain all relevant details also including the crypto transactions showing Wirex has the funds - #2987567 #2987564

Please can you escalate this, as its a simple thing to resolve why just crediting the deposit amounts as Wirex wallets have successfully been routed the funds!

If I cannot get any resolve in the next 7-10 business days, I will have to file a formal complaint to Hanfa directly, in jurisdiction of the Wirex Headquarters.

Wirex has been amazing for me over the past year - please show great customer service here, to keep happy customers for many more years to come!


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hello it should ok for now.

also please join to our Wirex Discord Here : WirexApp Official

Hi @sellmers, thank you for contacting us here. I am sorry that this is taking so much time for you. I’ve passed your case to the Support team, you should be updated as soon as possible. Kind regards!

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