Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 2)

Thank you very much!
its super important (And STRAIGHT FORWARD) to resolve this, and simply credit those deposits to my active accounts. Wirex hot wallet as the funds as confirmed on blockchain.

Would be great to have this all resolve this month, and well before the Holiday Season!

look forward to seeing it resolved soon.


Im sorry i cant figure out how to OPEN a TICKET…could someone. point me in the right direction of a BANK TRANFER that say landed but has never shown up from last Friday or reboumded to BANK.

Any info on this topic be very gratefully appreciated…really lost here.


Hi i was wondering if there will be a mining app for Wirex Token . Had one other app that i used for mining tokens , but they missing same possibilities like this app .

Hello @sellmers, we contacted you via email, please check your mailbox. Regards!

Hello @Bloomdog, we see that you created a ticket and our Support Team will get in touch with you at the nearest time. Regards!

Hi @Marjacicmarko, we are not planning that. But thank you for your interest in WXT. Regards!


My ticket number: #3018996

They told me that i’ll get an answer within 24 hours. But i dont have nothing!!!

I need to change my phone number !!!

Plz help!!!

my email

@Yuliia_Wirex @Alexander_Wirex

good morning. a few days ago I received a Phishing attempt. I reported this to support and my account was blocked by mistake because a hack attempt was reported. In the support email you told me that following my request the account would be unlocked. I’m still waiting, even though I replied by also sending my documents with selfies.
I spoke to Polina who doesn’t answer Anymore.

@Yuliia_Wirex @Alexander_Wirex I mean my account was not hacked, i’ve just report a phishing attempt. In chat your colleauge said was all ok, and after some hours i had my account blocked and an email by Polina that said my account was blocked asking me if i wanted to proceed with more investigation or close the case and unblock the account. I told her to unblock three times (sending documents and selfie as proof of my identity) but i’m still waiting… thanks

Hello @Petro_Borysyuk, you will be contacted on this matter at the nearest time. Regards!

Hi @EnricoB, our Support Team will update you on this matter as soon as possible. Regards!

@Yuliia_Wirex this is what they told me by email… i only asked for unblock as the original request was a mistake… i need an answer as soon as possibile, have i to send another request?

Could this ticket be looked at your earliest convenience.
Thank you

Hi @EnricoB, no, there is no need to create another ticket, our Support agent will update you via the existing one. Regards!

Hello @zacknistelrooy, sure, we will reply to you shortly. Regards!

Jag har tröttnat på att vänta på min address verifiering trots att jag gett dom alls document som dom frågade efter.Så jag vill ha mina btc överförda till min Edge Wallet och stänga mitt wirex efter det.väntat länge och supporten på andra liknande crypto accounts är oftast direkt eller någon timma bara,med en människa, inte en bott.ticket 3020743.

Hi @Robot, this case has been forwarded to our relevant team. You will be contacted shortly via the email address associated with your account.


Hi @Yuliia_Wirex

the funny thing is that if you were as quick to reply to the support mail as you reply here or on Trustpilot(posted review 3 hours ago and you replied to me), there would be no problems with negative reviews or complaints in the forum. trust me

Yes please.its taken far to long time and I’ve sent everything possible to verify my address.

Den lör 26 nov. 2022 17:54Yuliia Support Representative via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <> skrev:


First you told me you were xferring the money to my bank. I provided routing and account numbers. Then you told me they rejected it. I said that was impossible. You tried again. Same thing. THEN when I finally get you to send me the proof of the attempted transfer….I see it is an attempted WIRE transfer from Germany. I have no idea WHY you would assume that I would know that you were going to send the money over international wire instead of just including the word “wire” in the countless emails about transfers and account numbers. Ok so since then I have given you the correct IBAN number and SWIFT information for a wire….THREE. WEEKS. AGO.

WHAT IS YOUR COLLECTIVE MALFUNCTION? Do all of y’all need tune ups? Because if yall aren’t actually tragically incompetent then you must be robots who need some serious software patches.

Can you please just send me the &@#%ing money I’ve been waiting for six months for already? And don’t be trying to take the wire fee out of the total owed to me - I saw that shady bullshit on your proof of attempt. I think I’ve paid enough in many different ways that you can cover the 10% fee.

PS. I think you should look up the word “regards” because I don’t think you’re using it properly (you’re definitely overusing it regardless). Regards means best wishes, and since robots don’t have the ability to wish or feel friendliness, you’ll end up causing a huge theoretical paradox or herald the inevitable machine takeover. Or in words you can understand:
boop beep boop beep beep boop boop beep boop.