Support Inquiry Escalation Thread (Part 2)

Hello Yuliia,

we have received emails that the missing deposits are being looked at - but still have not seen any resolve to deposits. I understand it takes some time.

can you please instruct the support team not to resolve our ticket Request ID #3008680, since it has not been resolved yet?

Its not exactly the way support tickets should be managed, as its not resolved until the issue is actually rectified.
in this case, it isn’t resolved until the deposits are credited to my account.

please let the support team handling these missing crypto deposits know.



Ticket #3016784 still has no solution.

Hello @Coreytacoh, we are very sorry that the refund process is taking so long and that we have not been able to inform you properly. We want to refine that Wirex does not use bots, only real people communicate with you. We understand your reaction to this situation, it is completely justified and we will do our best to get your money back into your account as soon as possible.

Hi @sellmers, your current ticket number is 2866626, and it’s not resolved. I will update you via ticket shortly. Regards!

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Hi @myroom, we see that our Support team has responded to your ticket, please check your mailbox, and the issue was resolved. Regards!

Deposit still missing for ticket 3020441. So frustrating.
Losing faith on this platform.

Tickets 3007774 and 3008870 still without any solution.

Well @Yuliia_Wirex I just don’t understand how the lines of communication are so broken down between y’all and whomever this “relevant team” is that is apparently sitting around somewhere with their thumbs up their asses. I know you guys get a lot of guff for being lousy at customer service but I’m starting to think that whomever is in charge of actually fixing these messes has burdened you with the unhappy task of stalling/making excuses for them when they just sit back and count their stolen money. Doesn’t that bother you?? Why aren’t they answering for anything? Does the relevant team even exist??

many thanks.
its strange that the Support Ticket portal shows it resolved in the ‘Requests’ dashboard, but thats great its being looked at!

One of the deposits was cleared today, so we are very grateful for the attention on this.

One more to go, and we are done!

thanks for your constant communication in here and support @Yuliia_Wirex :pray:

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@Yuliia_Wirex ciao Yukia, sono pure stanco di scrivere in inglese perché tanto a quanto pare non capite niente, o fate finta di non capire. Nelle mie numerose email ho già specificato più volte la mia richiesta di sblocco senza procedere ad ulteriori indagini circa l’hackeraggio del mio account, dal momento che non è stato hackerato, ma la mia segnalazione era per mettervi a conoscenza di questi tentativi di phishing che avvengono camuffando Sms con il vostro nome. Allora, non capisco per quale motivo il mio account resti bloccato e Polina abbia passato la cosa al Famoso “relevant team” che poo il se non risponde e non fa un co.
Ho pure messo una recensione su Truspilot che potrei anche modificare se risolviamo la cosa in tempi brevi. Inutile che rispondiate dicendo che avete a cuore la nostra sicurezza. Perché ci avete messo mezzo minuto a bloccare l’account, rispondete sul forum abbastanza velocemente e su Trustpilot alla velocità della luce. Solo a rispondere alle cose importanti e a sbloccare i conti siete delle lumache. SVEGLIARSI

Hello @la05yuting, we are sorry for the long wait. Our Support agent will check on the progress of your case and will update you accordingly.

Hello @niknogifund, we will update you via email. Regards!

Hello @Coreytacoh, of course, the team exists. There are multiple messages from our users that their cases were resolved, therefore we can assure you that we care about your experience and we truly want to make your impression better.

Hello @EnricoB, we understand the issue and we passed the request to unlock your account further, it will be approved at the nearest time. Regards!

Hiyaa Yuliia can you please respond to the email you sent me, ive replied too, just replied again so u will see it cheers

@Yuliia_Wirex Thanks. I replied and attached all the requested documents. How long does it take to review documents confirming transfers?

@Yuliia_Wirex cosa significa nearest time? 1 giorno? 1 settimana? 1 mese? 1 anno? Può significare ogni cosa… spero che non dovendo fare nulla se non attivare un account non passino più di altre 48-72 ore visto che stiamo andando avanti da 10 giorni con questa farsa. Ps: su Trustpilot mi avete scritto che avete inviato una mail ma non è vero.

Hi all it looks like Wirex forgot me since… April.
Wirex : what are you doing ?! My account is locked since more than 1 year now and even after contacting your customer service many times, i never received any answer !
Please unlock my account !

Hi @Bloomdog, sure, we will check your response at the nearest time. Regards!

Hi @niknogifund, it can take several working days.