Support Inquiry Escalation Thread

This is becoming very scary

Wirex,I have just gone through 1997 disheartening messages. People’s lives in jeopardy due to sheer incompitence. I have been a long member of the team but seems to me instead of moving to greater heights, reversal is the case. Wirex used to be one of the most credible financial outfits but am afraid i can’t say same of now. The worst part of this is your customer service and ability to resolve issues it’s a total mess.If the company is having issues why not carry out a proper maintenance to avoid reocurrances. You want people to see you as their bank then you act like one. You don’t jeopardize people’s lives and shatter emotions this way. I hope to see the wirex I used to know. I remain a die hard and loyal believer of this team but you need to encourage us.


Hello @Inna_Wirex

Ticket (1786563)

Transfer was made to my local wirex account details from Barclays bank and i have not seen the money in my account. Please follow up. Thank you

1774377 still waiting on a response that isn’t a generic one and that will actually tell me where my money is

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Hola . Esto es vergonzoso yo no entiendo cuantas veces voy a tener que mandar el documento para verificación ya estoy cansado y necesito mi dinero urgente por favor verifiquen mi cuenta

Hello @ivrimon :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

According to the WXT FAQs, there are fee discounts:

However, nothing is explicitly said about unlimited fee-free FX. Can you tell us more, @Jenny_Wirex ? Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

In any case, the Wirex Mastercard will have this functionality (and many others). :point_right: We will save big with the Wirex Mastercard!

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You probably will never see it. Wirex is a thief
I transfered fro. My hsbs bank account to my wirex. I can’t see anything


I can’t find the ticket number, although I doubt it would be any help as others are having the issue.

Payment sent from Barclays Bank to Wirex bank details and payment has not shown for over a week

Hello I have resubmitted my documents but am waiting for 2 days now for them to be approved I cannot wait any longer now please approve them.

Dear @Mrlewis, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

As I can see our agent has already sent you all the information about the transactions.
It’s highly recommended to contact the merchant regarding the issue with duplicate transactions.

Best Regards!

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Thanks seen the money now

Dear @Zsolt, could you please PM me your email address (the one that is associated with your Wirex account) so that we could check this and assist you further?

Thank you in advance!

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Hello Jay, thank you for taking the time writing to us.

I am glad to hear that the issue is resolved.

Have a good day!

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Dear @acosta, please create a ticket via the following link: and the team will be able to help you personally. Or you can PM me your email address (the one that is associated with your Wirex account) so that we could check this and assist you further?

Thank you in advance!

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Hello @Anastasia_wirex. Can you please help me check status of ticket #1783831. Can I have an estimated time this can be resolved. I see a lot of similar complains here and no one who has said pending issues resolved. Pls advice

Hello Jose,

As I can see, our Verification Team has already sent you a response directly via ticket 1786931.
You can also find the list of accepted documents on the following:

Best Regards!

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I have contacted they want to talk to you to confirm then they will re imburse me as they have checked their side and nothing says they have double payments I need you to send me an email or number the hotel can contact you on and confirm this please

Thanks for your mail
Account no : 60863081

Hi Paul,

Please be advised that the relevant team is already working on returning your funds. I will contact you via the ticket once it is done. Thank you for understanding!

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Hi, my support ticket is 1782789 , I have emailed requested info to reset my 2 factor Authenticator, unfortunately I still haven’t heard back! Can you please assist. Regards Steve