Support Inquiry Escalation Thread

Hi @Romash,

This is a known technical issue and we refund all the extra fee charged. Please ask your brother to submit a support ticket and let me know the number. We will help him immediately.

Thank you for understanding.


Hi @Bugibbian,

I apologize for the lack of response, due to the high load with the incoming requests, we are unable to send you the quick update.

I have escalated your case to the Support Team. They will contact you shortly.

Best wishes!

Thank you for the answer and solving my problem. Ticket of my brother 352482

Hi @BCS75LOVEnija2021,

I can assure you that all your issues will be resolved. I have sent you an update via the support ticket. Please check yourmailbox.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Dr.Snake,

Please be informed that our relevant department is already working on the possible solutions to your issue and you will be updated via your support ticket as soon as possible.


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Wollte .ich noch mal bedanken Abheben am Bankomaten funktioniert nun seit 16. März in Österreich das war der Grund habe Stichtag 16 mit 6. März verwechselt sorry für meine Ungeduld lg

Hallo ich hatte ähnliches Problem kann seit 16. März am Bankomaten Geld abheben Funktion war noch nicht aktiviert ich komme aus Österreich ist vom Land abhängig ob und wieviel Funktionen schon aktiviert sind und auch von der Bank bezweifle Bankomaten Stichtag war bei uns der 16.März es gibt eine Liste wo du nachschauen kannst wie weit es in deinem Land ist
Überprüfte auch nochmal ob in der Funktion "Karte " verknüpfte Konten Eurokonto aktiviert ist dann klappen normalerweise lg edith

Hi @pandalein3,

I have escalated your information to the Support Team. They will contact you shortly.

Best wishes!

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Hi @flyabout,

Please be informed that your issue has been resolved and you can make transactions without problems.

Have a nice day!



Thank you for your reply.

I can see, that I have already escalated the issue and updated your brother via the ticket and hour ago. The funds are expected to be credited soon.

Have a nice day!

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Hello @Nehemiah_Cumberbatch,

Let me kindly ask you to submit a request following this link: Wirex. Crypto-Friendly Currency Account Our Support Team will be glad to assist you.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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Hello @KeithB,

I have just sent you an update via the support ticket. Please check your mailbox.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello @Bubu112233, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

As I can see in our database, the issue is already resolved now. Could you please check it from your end as well?

Best Regards!

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Ticket 335279
You stole my money!
You took over $3.000 for the monthly fee in March, lock my account and you don’t respond on ANY channels! WTF???
Respond ASAP or I WILL take this to court out of principle, there is NO excuse for this kind of behaviour even IF this is a mistake you should be able to provide information.
Fix your sh!t NOW

I sent £345 from another account to my wirex account and its not showing
Also my card says closed and i ordered a mastercard that hasnt arrived and the tracking number is invalid
I normally use the chat in the app but its a bot now and theres no1 to talk to plus theres no response from support ticket apart from a generic auto email
please help its my sons bday and Im supposed to pick him up at 8pm

Kind regards

is there anybody there
please help I sent £345 to my wirex account and it isnt showing

Each deposit to my bookmaker is accepted then rejected : so my account is debited then refunded when i try to make a deposit. Please try to solve this issue !!!



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Replied the email (March 17 5:19pm HKT) reporting my latest transaction issue. Please follow up .